Leadership - Motivating and Developing Teams


Leadership - Motivating and Developing Teams

“Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence” - Sheryl Sandberg

The first thing to understand about motivation is that it is a feeling.  Motivation is, therefore, an emotion.  Like all emotions, you cannot ask a person to feel motivated – you need to give them a reason to feel it. 
While it would be great if all employees could come to work every day motivated by their pay and their responsibilities, the reality is that it is not always the obvious things that make people feel motivated.  This interactive leadership training starts with an in-depth examination of the psychology of motivation and then moves leaders towards understanding their responsibility in using various techniques and tools to build and utilise the strengths of each individual to create a highly motivated and successful team.


  • Senior managers, middle managers, junior managers and team leaders
  • Business owners


  • A greater understanding of the concept of motivation and its importance in enhancing performance levels
  • Recognition of the empowerment and inspirational role the leader holds
  • A positive approach to forming and developing teams
  • Able to create a healthy and motivating environment, organisation and team
  • Improve the overall performance of the team
  • Build cooperative, resilient and communicative teams
  • Able to conduct team meetings that encourage creativity, responsibility, decision making and goal setting
  • Promote an environment of open communication and feedback


  • Understanding motivation as an emotion with a behavioural outcome
  • Evaluate your motivation and that of your team
  • Use theories of motivation to identify how to create a motivating environment and identify the needs of the individuals in the team
  • Leadership behaviours that influence the motivation of the team
  • Techniques to build and sustain motivation
  • Apply motivation theories to develop the team and individuals
  • Team building strategies
  • Create a team identity to provide purpose and meaning
  • Manage change and the effect of change on individuals
  • Understand the effects of change on the team
  • Giving and receiving feedback to enhance learning and growth
  • Develop an action plan to motivate and develop your team

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