Living Your Brand


Living Your Brand

Every organisation creates its own brand identity and a community to represent that brand.  We do this by bringing together a group of skilled people who we hope will buy into our ideals and values.  We adorn our walls with well-crafted mission statements, we create a list of inspiring values, and we try our best, through team building, to ensure everyone delivers on our “promise”.

Yet often organisations are perplexed by the diverse outcomes of these endeavours and the vastly different approaches that staff adopt in attending to both organisational goals and client expectations. 

We could create a list of appropriate behaviours for all staff members and hope they stick, but that’s been done before by most organisations with limited success. We thought it better to ‘go deeper’. To this end, we’ve created a highly interactive 2-day course that doesn’t just give the ‘what to do and the “why” but rather embeds the “how to do”.

This course compels participants to be fully immersed in the programme and to generate their own “ideas” and “aha” moments that will not only create a culture of collaboration, but also embed a customer-centric mindset and the kind of professional behaviours that any organisation would be proud of. 

Living Your Brand is about aligning the standards of etiquette, ethics and integrity demonstrated by staff to organisational values and aspirations. 


  •  Reality vs Perceptions
    • Influence of perceptions:  on organisational interactions internally and externally
    • How to influence perceptions to create a great first impression
    • Learn to challenge your own perceptions to avoid assumptions and judgements
    • Behaviours: the good vs the bad of first impressions
  • Company brand
    • Starting from the basics: general expectations of customers or clients
    • Getting to grips with what your organisation says about itself and what this really means (mission statement, vision statement, values, ethics, etiquette)
    • Translate your organisational statements into understandable behaviours:  a code of conduct
    • Organisational promises:  building trust through integrity and living up to promises
    • Authentic brand behaviour:  internal customer service matching external customer service
  •  Personal Brand
    • The brand that is you:  your personal image and values
    • Aligning your personal brand with your company brand
    • Personal responsibility and being accountable
  • Working together in harmony
    • Keeping the peace and collaborating: manners, communication, fundamentals of working communities, trust building and keeping trust
    • Behaviours the good vs the bad of collaborating 
  • Honouring the brand and walking the talk
    • Representing the brand through communication
    • Essential telephone practices that contribute to healthy impressions of your organisation
    • Professional writing matters for a reason:  using email the right way 
    • Social media pages create a personal brand: helpful tips to maintain your personal and professional brand
  •  Embracing diversity
    • Adopting respectful behaviours to be culturally intelligent
    • Understanding and adapting to different perspectives across the different generations

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Contact us at +27 (0)31 267 1229 or [email protected] and we will send your a full course outline and quotation based on your requirements
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Our public course fee includes facilitated training, course materials, the venue, a light lunch and refreshments. Onsite training at your venue can be arranged on mutually suitable dates - please contact us to request a quotation.




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