Marketing - The FABs of Products and Services


Marketing - The FABS of Products and Services

Features answer the question – what is it? Benefits answer the question – what’s in it for me? 

- Tim Abbott

FAB is a selling technique in which the seller ties every feature with an advantage or a benefit that the customer wants, needs or thinks is desirable.


  • All sales and marketing staff
  • Small business owners
  • Entrepreneurs


  • Learn to distinguish between features, advantages and benefits
  • Consider which is the most powerful motivating influence on sales – a feature or a benefit
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of methods and techniques to use to increase sales
  • Learn how to communicate this information effectively to your customers so they identify how it will improve their problem /situation
  • Learn how to critically evaluate information and how to use science and technology when sourcing and describing product FABs


  • Understanding features, advantages and benefits and the importance of identifying FABs in relation to marketing and selling activities
  • Identifying FABs of different products and services and the benefits derived from each feature and advantage
  • Complex technical features – when experts need to be consulted - explore the importance of establishing the correct technical facts about products
  • The importance of recording FABs and the methods used
  • How to develop a compelling “pitch” by including FABs in a structured and persuasive sales negotiation - communicating FABs to prospects or customers
  • Learn how to match product and service benefits to consumer needs as a method to identify likely target markets

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