PowerPoint Level 1


Powerpoint Level 1

MS Powerpoint is a powerful tool for creating and delivering presentations in various settings. Whether you need to pitch an idea, showcase a product, report progress, or persuade an audience, Powerpoint can help you communicate your message effectively and professionally. However, to make the most of this tool, you need to learn how to use it properly and creatively. MS Powerpoint training can teach you the essential skills and techniques to design engaging and impactful presentations that can achieve your goals and impress your audience.

By the end of this course, you will be able to create powerful presentations that can help you succeed in your business endeavours.

Module 1: PowerPoint Basics

Open a Presentation

Interacting with PowerPoint

The View Toolbar

Using the Slides Tab

Using the Outline View

Closing PowerPoint

Closing Presentation

Minimise Ribbon

Getting Help in PowerPoint

About Online Help

Module 2: Building New Presentations

Creating a New Presentation

Adding a New Slide

Deleting a Slide

Editing a Slide

Creating Text

Cutting, Copying and Pasting Text

Using the Format Painter

Text AutoFit


Cutting, Copying and Pasting Slides

Re-using Slides

Slide Outline

Saving a Presentation


Save As

Module 3: Formatting and Proofing




Bullets and Numbering

Adding Bullets/Numbers

Customising Bullets and Numbers

Removing Bullets and Numbers


Using Justification

Using Columns

Changing Text Direction


Spell Check

Using AutoCorrect

Module 4: Using Drawing Tools

Insert Shapes

Select one shape and drag over to the middle of slide

The Drawing Tools Ribbon

Customise Shapes

  Module 5: Working with WordArt and ClipArt

Adding and Formatting WordArt

Adding and Formatting ClipArt

Insert and Formatting ClipArt

Module 6: Using Tables and Charts

Working with Table

Insert a Table

Format a Table

Changing the Shade of a Fill

Applying Borders

Working with Charts

Creating and Linking Worksheet Charts and Graphs

Chart Tools Ribbon

Legends and Labels

Working with SmartArt

Creating SmartArt

SmartArt Tools

Design Ribbon

Format Ribbon

Resizing Diagrams

Module 7: Enhancing Presentations


Opening a Template

Using a Template

Creating a Template

The Design Ribbon

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