Sales - Outsmart Your Competition


Sales - Outsmart your Competition

Identifying competitors and what they are offering is a vital part of making your organisation’s products or services stand out in order to retain and attract customers. In today’s competitive business world, competitive advantage is the crux of your organisation. 

 This course will teach learners how to identify existing and potential competitors, collect information on their products and services, explain the nature of the competitive environment, and describe the positioning of products and the various stages of product life cycles. 


  • All staff involved in sales and marketing 
  • Small business owners 


  • Learn methods and techniques for maintaining a competitive environment by obtaining competitive information 
  • Learn how to identify and solve problems relating to maintaining a competitive environment 
  • Learn how to organise oneself and one’s activities to maximise commercial advantage by keeping up to date at all times 
  • Learn how to collect and critically evaluate information 
  • Gain an understanding of the world as a set of related systems – the competitive environment inevitably affects the success of your organisation as a whole 


  • Collecting, reviewing and maintaining information on competitors, and their products or services 
  • Understanding the nature and extent of the competitive environment in relation to organisational threats 
  • Identifying and documenting strengths and weaknesses of competitors and recognising organisational tactics to match competitive strategies 
  • Roles and responsibilities of team members relating to relative defensive activities 
  • Understanding product positioning – target market analysis, marketing strategies, new product development, customer perceptions, and customer preferences 
  • Understanding the stages of the product life cycle  
  • Identifying Competitors at the Product-Market Level 
  • Using Purchase Behaviour to Identify Competitors 
  • Identifying Potential Competitors 
  • The Competitor’s Marketplace Strategy 
  • The Competitor’s Source(s) of Competitive Advantage 
    • Assessing and Interpreting Competitive Signals and Actions
    • What to Include in Competitive Marketing Analysis 
    • How to do a Competitive Analysis 
    • Methods and techniques for maintaining a competitive environment 
    • How to gain a competitive advantage
  • Positioning Options
    • Identify and explain phases of product life cycles for each stage
    • Evaluate product life cycle stages and describe implications for new product development or modification of existing products
    • Identify and describe implications for marketing programs related to product life cycles for each stage Identify new marketing opportunities for each stage

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