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Course Overview

Behaviour Interviewing is a very reliable and valid candidate selection technique. While we all may say that past behaviour is the best indicator of future behaviour, we don’t act as if we believe this when we are interviewing candidates—often because we aren’t certain how to ask questions that will tell us about past performance.

This workshop concentrates on the pre-interview preparation, developing questions and their value, the interview techniques that get specific, behaviour-based examples of past performance, and the strategies that follow through on this process.

This workshop includes dynamic trainee/trainer interactions and discussions, written and oral exercises, voice recordings, case studies, reflection, quizzes and a workbook for each participant to take back to the workplace.

Target Audience

Everyday managers and staff who recruit employees and who need to increase their abilities in selecting the best possible staff for the position.

Course Outline

SECTION 1: History of the Interviewing Process

SECTION 2: The Recruitment & Selection Process

SECTION 3: Factors in the Hiring Process

SECTION 4: Cost Analysis

SECTION 5: Job Analysis and Position Profiles

SECTION 6: Determining the Skills You Need

SECTION 7: Finding Candidates

SECTION 8: Advertising Guidelines

SECTION 9: Screening CVs

SECTION 10: Performance Assessments

SECTION 11: Problems Recruiters Face

SECTION 12: Interviewing Barriers

SECTION 13: Non-Verbal Communication

SECTION 14: Types of Questions

SECTION 15: Traditional vs. Behavioural Interviews

SECTION 16: Other Types of Questions
1. Achievement-Oriented Questions
2. Holistic Questions

SECTION 17: Listening for Answers

SECTION 18: The Critical Incident Technique

SECTION 19: Difficult Applicants

SECTION 20: Interview Preparation and Format

SECTION 21: Other Interview Techniques

SECTION 22: Scoring Responses

SECTION 23: Checking References

Contact Details
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Rachel Johnson
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rachel [at]
Course Details
Course Duration:
1 Day
Course Delivery Method:

E-learning E-learning

Blended Blended

In Class In Class

Distance Distance

Presented Presented Courses

In House In-House

On Demand On Demand

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