Work Readiness Programme (11 days)


This programme is customised with specific business related information per clientDURATION: 5x 2-day sessions plus 1x individual presentation (11 days)TARGET AUDIENCE: New EmployeesOUTCOMESCreate new employee “buy-in”.Achieve realistic work expectationsImproved work integration through skills equippingBuilding accurate insight to companyDeveloping self-management abilityReviewing & improving personal wellnessUNIT STANDARD ALIGNMENT118028: Supervise customer service standards12153: Use the writing process to compose texts required in the business environment10170: Demonstrate understanding of employment relations in an organisation Session 1: Occupational Learning Company Detail & Personal LearningSession 2: World of Work Work Readiness & General ConditionsSession 3: Customer Service Service Principles & Business CommunicationSession 4: Personal Mastery Personal Wellness & Team WellnessSession 5: Communication Personal Brand & Presentations Skills

Contact Details
Contact Person:
David Loubser
Contact Email:
david [at]
Course Details
Unit Standard:
3 unit standards linked to this programme
NQF Level:
Level 4
various credits
Course Duration:
5x 2-days & 1x presentation = 11 days
Course Delivery Method:

In Class In Class

Presented Presented Courses

In House In-House

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