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We specialise in soft skills training and our expertise lies in the Communication, Interpersonal and Personal Development areas. We train at Supervisory, Middle and Senior Management levels.

We are also Accredited with the MERSETA, CATHSSETA and ETDP SETA.

You will find our details and the Unit Standards we offer listed with each of these SETA’s.

We offer courses in the following formats:

  • Public Seminars – in class training at a hotel venue
  • In Company – in class training on the client’s site
  • Blended – a mix of in-class and online training – learner attends in class training AND Virtual Instructor-Led Training
  • VILT – Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Cheryl Carter & Associates (Pty) Ltd is an Accredited Private Provider with the Services SETA.

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CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Durban Public Seminar Calendar January - June 2024.doc

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Full Accreditation
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Short Course Articles


Attending short courses is not as time-consuming as being a full-time student. You can now apply for short courses at Unisa.


Unisa has now opened their registration period for their short courses which are referred to as Short Learning Programmes. Applications for these Unisa short courses are open as well.

Are short courses an asset to the skills development landscape or do they detract from the learning process? Des Squire looks at the value short course and skills programmes bring to the education platform.

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For many decades, global organisations such as the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the United Nations (UN) have espoused the many advantages of lifelong learning for individuals, businesses and institutions.



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