CorporateWise is a BBEEE level 4 contributor and is a registered training provider with Services Seta.

At CorporateWise, we believe in staying ahead of the curve.

We understand the importance of training Millennials in a way that resonates with them, allowing them to pass on their knowledge to future generations.

By offering bespoke and unique training programs, tailored to each organization's strategic growth, we ensure that everyone wins.

Millennials can develop and refine their leadership skills, while organisations benefit from their ability to lead in a manner that positively impacts the bottom line.

Let's embrace the potential of the Millennial generation and empower them to shape the future of leadership.

Together, we can create a workforce that thrives on innovation, collaboration, and forward-thinking strategies.

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Short Course Articles

person taking a short course

Short courses are becoming more and more popular as a way of upskilling yourself. But is a short course a qualification? Let's find out.

person doing short course

Do you want to improve your current skills or learn something new? A short course is a great way to do both.


Unisa has opened mid-year applications for its Short Learning Programmes (SLPs).

person being a supervisor in team

This course is designed to help you head up a work unit or assist with supervising the work completed by individuals and teams. This Supervision short course will show you how to transition into a supervisory role.



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