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Media Works

Media Works is an innovator in the training sphere, with over two decades of experience in workforce education and training.

Media Works together with Tuta-Me now form part of Optimi Workplace.

Skills Development Consulting

  • Strategic B-BBEE Consulting
  • Comprehensive Bursary Management
  • Trainer Container


Short Courses

NQF 5 - Skills Programmes

Leadership: 18 Credits 8 Days

  • US 120300: Analyse leadership and related theories in a work context 8 Credits
  • US 252037: Build teams to achieve goals and objectives 6 Credits
  • US 15224: Empower team members though recognising strengths, encouraging Participation in decision making and delegating tasks 4 Credits

Best Practice Management: 15 Credits 7 Days

  • US 252024: Evaluate current practices against best practice 4 Credits
  • US 252042: Apply the principles of ethics to improve organisational culture 5 Credits
  • US 252044: Apply the principles of knowledge management 6 Credits

Financial Management: 14 Credits 6 Days

  • US 252036: Apply mathematical analysis to economic and financial information 6 Credits
  • US 252040: Manage the finances of a unit 8 Credits

Relationship Management: 18 Credits 8 Days

  • US 252027: Devise and apply strategies to establish and maintain workplace Relationships 6 Credits
  • US 252031: Apply the principles and concepts of emotional intelligence to the Management of self and others 4 Credits
  • US 12433: Use communication techniques effectively 8 Credits

Results-based Management: 24 Credits 10 Days

  • US 252032: Develop, implement and evaluate an operational plan 8 Credits
  • US 252025: Monitor, assess and manage risk 8 Credits
  • US 252022: Develop, implement and evaluate a project plan 8 Credits

Change Management: 20 Credits 9 Days

  • US 252021: Formulate recommendations for a change process 8 Credits
  • US 252020: Create and manage an environment that promotes innovation 6 Credits
  • US 252026: Apply a systems approach to decision making 6 Credits​​​​​​​

People Management: 33 Credits 14 Days

  • US 12140: Recruit and select candidates to fill defined positions 9 Credits
  • US 252029: Lead people development and talent management 8 Credits
  • US 252034: Monitor and evaluate team members against performance Standards 8 Credits
  • US 252035: Select and coach fist line managers 8 Credits

Conflict Management: 22 Credits 9 Days

  • US 252043: Manage a diverse work force to add value 6 Credits
  • US 117853: Conduct negotiations to deal with conflict situations 8 Credits
  • US 114226: Interpret and manage conflicts within the workplace

Online Short Courses

Training Courses:
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Short Course Articles

person taking a short course

Short courses are becoming more and more popular as a way of upskilling yourself. But is a short course a qualification? Let's find out.

Unisa open day programme

The University of South Africa’s (Unisa) short courses are curated to update or enhance a student's skills and knowledge in a specific field of study. Students interested in registering for the 2023 academic year are encouraged to do so to avoid missing the looming deadline.

person being a supervisor in team

This course is designed to help you head up a work unit or assist with supervising the work completed by individuals and teams. This Supervision short course will show you how to transition into a supervisory role.

short course

Doing a Short Course is a strategic move that you can undertake to improve your knowledge, skills, and marketability within a specific field. 

person taking a short course

Short courses can be taken at various institutions, but there is no set definition of how long a short course is. Short courses are designed to be more intensive than a regular degree, and can last anywhere from one month to two years.



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