NDJ Consultants


NDJ Consultants

NDJ Consultants is a Skills Development Firm established in 1999 specialising in Business and Professional skills that improves individual performance and operational efficiency.

Our programmes are developed to assist clients with achieving desired outcome such as:
- Focusing people on organisational visions
- Improve professional conduct, working relationships and culture 
- Boost productivity and financial results     
The key to our success lies in superior subject matter knowledge as well as a practical approach in order to fill the gap between text book and real-life scenarios experienced by individuals and companies on a daily basis. 

Our vision is to help people and businesses build their skills by providing exceptional services, products and solutions through the use of highly skilled personnel that will facilitate the effective use of our resources at the highest level of personal interaction with our clients.

Our mission is to help people and businesses build their skills by providing high quality learning programmes that are continually reviewed and updated, enabling the client and the learner to stay ahead in today’s fast-moving environment

We have:
- more than 20-years experience in the industry 
- expert facilitators
- content that is real, practical and easily implementable (360°Approach)
- customised solution offerings 
- various options available to suite your budget and schedule (in-class, virtual and e/m-learning)



Training Courses:
Email us:
workshops [at] mweb.co.za
012 809 1424
Our Training Courses


Short Course Articles

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For many decades, global organisations such as the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the United Nations (UN) have espoused the many advantages of lifelong learning for individuals, businesses and institutions.


Unisa has opened mid-year applications for its Short Learning Programmes (SLPs).

One of the options out there for people wanting to further their education is short courses. Let's take a look at why a short course might be right for you.

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Project management is a very dynamic, exciting, and profitable career choice. Did you know there are short curses available to gain insight into the project management field?

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Do you want to improve your current skills or learn something new? A short course is a great way to do both.



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