How To Apply For A Bridging Course At Unisa



The University of South Africa is well known for providing students with equal opportunities and access to higher education. A bridging course at Unisa can be your second chance at pursuing your ideal career. 



Bridging courses are short, focused learning programmes designed to help high school students enter higher education institutions. They are seen as introductory level courses and can range from six months to one year.

These courses are also created to prepare students for the pace and standard of tertiary education. 

The University of South Africa (Unisa) Bridging Courses are University-Preparation courses, that have an academic curriculum offered to students as a means of preparing them for the following academic year.

Successful completion of a bridging course is recognized as a basis of admission to the university. 

How to apply for a bridging course at Unisa

  1. Head to Unisa's website to apply online for all Short Learning Programmes.
  2. Click on apply.
  3. Click on Short Learning Programmes.
  4. Select the "Apply for Admission" button. 
  5. Do you have a student number? If you have a student number that starts with a 7, then click YES; if you have any other Unisa student number but it doesn’t start with a 7, then click NO.
  6. Put your personal details.
  7. Select the qualification you want to apply for.
  8. Upload supporting documents. Everyone applying for a new Short Learning Programme must submit the required documents. 
  9. Please ensure that your application is complete. No incomplete applications will be accepted.

Unisa does not provide scanners or electronic devices. Please ensure that your documents are scanned and uploaded to an electronic device before starting the application process.

What happens after you apply for Unisa Bridging Courses?

Unisa will assess your application and inform you of the outcome. If your application is successful, Unisa will verify and capture the documents you submitted and do a temporary registration on your behalf.

Unisa will send you a "Temporarily Registered" (TP) letter via e-mail (followed by an SMS to the cellphone number you provided at the point of application). This letter will also indicate the fee that needs to be paid to activate your registration.

Before you decide on which courses to enroll in, it is important to ensure that each course you take will assist you in achieving your final objectives.

It is best to do research on the courses offered, because it will help you make decisions that are aligned with your desired choice of study.

You can find the Unisa website at


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