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Ready to apply for a PGCE at UNISA? This guide has all the information you need, from application requirements to helpful tips for a successful submission.



If you're contemplating a journey towards a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) at the University of South Africa (UNISA), whether it be for foundation, intermediate or senior phase, it's crucial to familiarize yourself with the application process for the postgraduate certificate in education. This guide provides you with all the necessary information, including application requirements and invaluable tips, to ensure a smooth submission.

Whether you're a current UNISA student or a prospective applicant, this comprehensive guide will be your compass, guiding you through the UNISA PGCE application process with confidence.

Studying At Unisa 

Unisa uses an Open Distance e-Learning (ODeL) education model, even for the postgraduate certificate in education. This means that students do not attend classes in person and learn from a distance. Additionally, students participate in examinations online. 

Understanding the PGCE Teaching Degree: Purpose and Duration

The Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) courses is an academic programme designed to prepare individuals for careers in teaching. It equips aspiring educators with the knowledge, skills, and pedagogical expertise necessary to excel in the classroom.

Typically, the PGCE courses span one academic year, though the duration may vary based on the institution and specialization. This is usually done after you complete studying towards an accredited bachelor's degree.

This accredited bachelor's degree can be in any field, even though the PGCE qualification is an education degree.

The primary goal is to bridge the gap between an applicant's existing qualifications and the teaching profession. By completing a PGCE, you'll be well-prepared for a fulfilling career in education.

Understanding the Application Requirements

Before delving into PGCE studies at UNISA, it's vital to comprehend the application requirements. This understanding ensures you have all the necessary documents and information ready for a successful submission.

Keep in mind that specific program requirements may vary, so it's essential to carefully review the application guidelines provided by UNISA.

Common requirements for the postgraduate certificate in education often include academic transcripts, an accredited bachelor's degree or an equivalent qualification, a valid teaching certification, and proof of a minimum number of years of teaching experience.

By fully understanding and meeting these requirements, you significantly increase your chances of being accepted into UNISA's PGCE program.

Assembling the Required Documents

Before starting your application for a PGCE at UNISA, it's essential to gather all the necessary documents. This step ensures you have everything needed for a successful submission.

Commonly required documents for the postgraduate certificate in education include academic transcripts, a copy of your accredited bachelor's degree or equivalent qualification, a valid teaching certification, and evidence of a minimum teaching experience duration.

Carefully review UNISA's application guidelines to ensure you have all the required documents. Being well-prepared and organized streamlines the application process, enhancing your chances of acceptance into the UNISA PGCE program.

Completing the Online Application Form

Once you've assembled the necessary documents, the next step is to complete the online application form for the UNISA PGCE program. This comprehensive form will request personal information, educational background details, and any relevant teaching experience.

It's crucial to fill out the form accurately and provide all required information. Before submitting the form, double-check your entries to avoid errors or omissions.

Also, take the time to review UNISA's application guidelines to ensure you follow all necessary steps. By completing the online application form thoroughly and accurately, you'll increase your chances of a successful submission and acceptance into the UNISA PGCE program.

Paying the Application Fee

Following the completion of the postgraduate certificate online application form, you'll need to pay the application fee. The fee can be paid online using a credit or debit card.

It's important to note that the application fee is non-refundable, so review all information and requirements carefully before making the payment.

After making the payment, you'll receive a confirmation email with further instructions. Keep a copy of the payment receipt for your records.

Paying the application fee is a crucial step, so ensure you complete it promptly to ensure your application is considered.

Submitting Your Application and Monitoring Its Progress

After submitting your application for the UNISA PGCE programme, it's important to monitor its progress to ensure it's being processed correctly. You can do this by logging into your UNISA student portal and checking the status of your application.

Be patient, as it may take some time for your application to be reviewed and processed.

If you have any questions or concerns about your application, don't hesitate to contact the UNISA admissions office for assistance. Keeping track of correspondence or updates regarding your application will help you stay informed throughout the process.

Additional Guidance and Support

For those looking to join UNISA for the 2024 academic year, applications for admission to undergraduate qualifications will be open from September 1st to October 13th, 2023. Remember that all applications for admission must be submitted online, and admission depends on your compliance with admission requirements and space availability.

UNISA has also partnered with various Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges to offer classes in select qualifications, improving student throughput rates. To take advantage of this support, ensure your chosen TVET college offers assistance in your desired qualification and apply for admission during UNISA's application period, either through your TVET college or directly through UNISA.

Finally, successful applicants who have accepted UNISA's offer will receive essential information about registration dates and the registration process.

Employment Opportunities With The Unisa PGCE

After you obtain your bachelor's degree and then your teaching degree from Unisa, the PGCE, and complete your teaching practice, you will then need to register as an educator. Once you've done this, you can then start looking for employment opportunities.

After completing your higher education, you can either become a government teacher and work at public schools or you can work in a private or independent school. You might also want to teach overseas, which is possible if you have a TEFL certificate.

Best of luck with your application!

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