Training in the year 2020



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It's been a crazy year so far, but we won’t let it get us down. At Palomino Training Solutions, now more than ever, we are striving to meet your training needs.

Have a look at the courses and delivery options that we offer below, as well as some additional services that might interest you. 

Also, everyone loves something for free, so we are GIVING AWAY some exciting soft skills resources - simply sign up below.


Enjoy and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Our soft skills courses on offer:

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Learn more about the soft skills courses we offer here.

We have a vast range of courses waiting for you. From managing your anger to improving your communication skills to becoming a better business writer, there is a specific course waiting just for you. 

Find out what's on offer or contact us for more information.

We have 4 course-delivery options available to you:

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Note: Strict COVID-19 protocols apply

  • Host one of our training courses onsite at your work premises (select your own date)
  • Join a public course in CPT, PTA or DUR. View our open course schedule here 
  • Join a public Google Meet course. View the schedule here
  • Sign-up for online learning. See the courses on offer here 

Have a look at the other services we offer:

Proofread and editing









Proofreading Services: Your emails, web content, articles and all other business documentation send out a very strong message to your clients. We can ensure that you send out the correct message of professionalism and competence. Don't take a chance - learn more about this offer and get in touch. We’ll proofread and edit all your content so you can focus on other tasks.

Quality Assessments: We provide assessments on the quality of your staff's telephonic or written communication in order to ensure that they are offering your customers the highest level of service possible. Learn more or contact us.

FREE soft skills resources giveaway:

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Yes, you read correctly. We are giving away FREE soft skills resources for the month of August.

Click here to get your free resource today.

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