Top 5 questions asked by NSFAS students



Do you need funding for your studies? The government has made financial aid available to students through the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) but there are conditions for funding.

Many students find the NSFAS application process to be complicated and slow. To simplify the process we've shared the answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions from current and prospective NSFAS students.

Do I qualify?

Before you continue check out the eight requirements to qualify for a bursary at NSFAS

After you've established that you are eligible for this bursary you can further your understanding about the NSFAS process by reading through the questions below.

1. Can I get a NSFAS bursary if I study at a private institution?

No, the bursary will be awarded to you if you are registered at a public higher education institution.

2. Do I need to reapply each year?

The financial need of the student will be assessed at the point of first application, and students will not need to re-apply annually.

3. Can I get funding for a second qualification?

Students who have already studied at a university or obtained a prior university qualification do not qualify as FTEN students even if they are entering the first year of a new programme. Students starting a university qualification for the first time, but who have already achieved a TVET qualification may qualify as a university FTEN student.

4. Does the DHET bursary fund short courses?

Approved funded programmes at universities are all undergraduate whole qualifications i.e. degree, diploma or higher certificate programme, offered by a public university. Additional courses that are not core requirements of a whole qualification are not funded. Occasional programmes are not funded.

5. Will a previous NSFAS beneficiary and graduate be accommodated for free funding this year?

NSFAS free funding will only apply to students doing their first undergraduate qualifications.

Answers sourced from the NSFAS website.