Competency based recruiting and selection

In today’s competitive job market, companies must spend time, resources and money ensuring the screening, interviewing and selection process delivers high-quality candidates who possess the required skills and competencies and who will produce the desired results.

25% of employees just show up to collect a paycheck
40% feel disconnected from their employers
66% do not identify with or feel motivate to drive their employers business goals and objectives

Nitpicking bosses kill business

During 2012 “lots of problems arose from bosses that tried to overcontrol their companies. A boss who creates too many rules, and lacks faith in the ability of his or her staff is asking for trouble,” management training company executive, Liza van Wyk of AstroTech Training said.

Bytes People Solutions wins four Oracle Partner awards

Oracle University partner Bytes People Solutions has won four Oracle awards which were presented at an event held in Sandton. The company is a provider of education, training, skills development, content development, online learning technologies and people consulting services.

The awards include Best Oracle Database Instructor which was presented to Elzbeth Swart, Best SUN Instructor which went to Johan Grobler for the second year running, Best Oracle Approved Education Centre Quality, and Overall Best Oracle Approved Education Centre.

Arming call centre agents for the front line

Call centres are still recognized as excellent places to gain entry level experience into the ICT sector. This is good news for thousands of unemployed young people who are unable to study further and lack work experience.

Labelled as a ‘growing sector’ call centres are seen as the biggest job creation facilities in developing countries, with analysts predicting a 15 to 20 percent annual growth rate, says Dr Madelise Grobler MD, Bytes People Solutions.

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