Ryan Cloete


ryan cloeteRyan Cloete is a journalist based in Cape Town who writes for The Careers Portal and The Skills Portal. He received an Advanced Diploma in Journalism at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in 2021. Ryan has also previously worked as an on-air contributor at One FM.

As a journalist, Ryan's ultimate goal is to work for a publication that makes a difference in the lives of people. Working at Portal Publishing has provided him with an opportunity to do this and kick start his hopefully long career in news. He also enjoys reading, having a good laugh with friends and watching sporting events.

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Ryan's Articles:

South Africa produces a list of scarce skills, which is an indication of a shortage of workers in a particular field or industry. This latest scarce skills list includes forensic accounting.


To date, 16 000 instances of the Monkeypox virus have been detected in 75 countries including South Africa. This has resulted in the World Health Organisation (WHO) officially declaring Monkeypox as a public health emergency of international concern.


The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) assists people who lose their income at a time when they need it most. However, some individuals have taken advantage of this and have submitted fraudulent claims in an attempt to defraud the fund.


Millions of South Africans rely on grants from the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa). However, any errors in the contact details provided by applicants could prevent people from receiving their money.



When the new R350 grant application period opened in the final week of April 2022, more than 11 million people applied for the grant. However, only five million people who applied for the grant were approved for payment.


Students have been given one final chance to register for second semester modules at South Africa’s largest distance learning institution. The university has also set its deadline for minimum fee payments.


Every year, Grade 12 learners in South Africa participate in the National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations. The importance of these examinations cannot be understated as these results often influence their choices for their post-school careers. 

The Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) has opened its 2023 school admission applications. While the process got off to a bumpy start on Friday, the department says they are now cruising.


Obtaining a bursary can take away all the stress associated with the cost of tertiary education, leaving students to focus on their academic work. Friday is the last chance for college students to apply for National Student Financial Aid Scheme (Nsfas) funding.


After more than two months since a racism incident took place at the Huis Marais residence, Stellenbosch University has released the findings of its investigation. 


Benefits from the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) ensure that people who lost income receive some financial support when they need it most. However, these benefits could be delayed if contributions are not paid to the fund on time.


On Friday, parents in Gauteng will start submitting applications to the provincial education department to secure the placement of their children at their preferred schools. These applications apply to learners starting Grade 1 and Grade 8 in 2023.


Being forced to work reduced hours or being put on “short-time” can be extremely difficult as you will earn less money while your expenses remain the same. The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) helps subsidise the income of these workers.


When employees returned to their offices after the hard lockdown, Covid-19 vaccination was viewed as an important aspect of ensuring a safe office environment. However, companies are reconsidering their vaccination policies as some Covid-19 regulations fell away.


As the Covid-19 pandemic reached South African shores, citizens were forced to embrace a new normal. The arrival of the pandemic also demonstrated just how much education could change as the world around it evolves.


Teaching is a noble profession as you actively took the decision to dedicate your life to shaping the future generation. In South Africa, the first step in this journey is to study teaching at university which could be fully funded through the Funza Lushaka bursary scheme.

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (Nsfas) ensures that the cost of tertiary education is the last thing on a student's mind, leaving them to focus on being successful in their courses. However, some students have not received their allowances.


A wide array of circumstances can prevent employees from attending work. From the dreaded sick leave to more special occasions like the birth of a child or an adoption. South Africa has a system in place to ensure that when you don't attend work, you still receive a portion of your salary.   


Being unemployed can be an extremely stressful time for individuals as their living expenses remain while they no longer have the income to cover these living expenses. The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) exists for these types of situations.

It was recently announced that the R350 grant income threshold will be increased. This comes as a welcomed relief around five million more people will now benefit from the crucial relief mechanism.