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Covid-19 has changed the way many businesses function. The world is moving towards being more digital but the South African job market could be falling behind.

Black Friday is coming up and many stores are hoping it will be a chance for them to bounce back after being hit hard by Covid-19. 

A vaccine for Covid-19 is in the works, but who will get it first? Some fear that South Africa and less developed countries will be left behind as the vaccine could be costly.

Domestic workers and their family members will now be able to make claims from the Compensation Fund in the event of injury or death. This includes incidents that occured in the past 26 years. 

Banks will start phasing out the use of cheques pretty soon. Customers have been using cheques less frequently over the years, leading to very little use for them in the banking industry.

South Africa recently hosted its third annual investment conference and many investment pledges were made. With the current state of the economy, President Cyril Ramaphosa said it is remarkable that the country met its goal to secure investments. 

The Eastern Cape has seen a spike in the number of positive Covid-19 infections over the past few weeks. The outbreaks have been happening in some districts in the province, causing a 50% weekly spike in numbers.

Nearly 2 weeks have gone by since the start of matric exams. Recently, the Department of Basic Education has been dealing with the leak of a maths paper and the minister has addressed the issue. 

The UIF TERS has paid out more than R52 billion in benefits to employers and employees affected by the Covid-19 lockdown. Now, the scheme will be wrapping up its last round of payments after benefiting millions of employees. 

Government has released a proposed calendar for 2022. The 2020 school year has been a tough year for many schools and plans are now in motion to get back lost teaching time in the next 3 years. 



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