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South Africans who have tested positive for coronavirus (SARS-COV2 or Covid-19) or those who have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive, and tested negative, are urgently being sought for SA’s coronavirus rapid test study.

Donna Rachelson has just released her fourth book, Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs, a fast and worthwhile read to enhance your personal brand and to figure out what makes you truly distinctive.

A new app has launched to help employers nationally quickly find the right staff fast and to help job seekers easily find work. 

The youth unemployment crisis is being highlighted during youth month. Mpho Funeke (21) is just one of the millions of young people in South Africa desperately searching for employment. From Johannesburg, she describes being unemployed as demoralising.

The Department of Trade and Industry recently gazetted a revised draft of the chartered accountancy profession sector code to grow the number of black people in the CA profession.

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