Balancing Your Business – Managing Budgets and Team Performance


“In the business world, the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield.” - Warren Buffett. Seems less motivating than most quotes we like to share, right? Read it again.



We can't always tell what the future holds, but we can most certainly use what we have learned in the past to help us set goals and objectives. Whether it's your budget or your team - Plan. Measure. Monitor.

Achieve long-term goals, break the cycle of debt and take charge of your financial well-being with our course Budgeting and Managing Budgets. Learning how to set budgets and manage those budgets effectively is a crucial step to business success.

Our course breathes life into a subject most of us prefer to avoid. An insightful article written by Catherine Cote of HBS Online, states:

"A budget is a financial roadmap for the upcoming period; if all goes according to plan, it shows how much should be earned and spent on specific items. Yet, the business world is anything but predictable.

Circumstances outside your control can impact your revenue or cause priorities to change at a moment’s notice.  A budget gives you a plan; maintaining an agile mindset enables you to pivot that plan and help lead your organisation through turbulent times.

In today’s economic environment, it is those organisations that have clear goals and objectives, and then hold themselves accountable for achieving these objectives, that set themselves apart.

Ongoing monitoring and conducting regular Performance Reviews are critical to this success. Our course, Performance Management, is built to assist all personnel who are required to manage individual and team performance.

"A good performance management system helps employees to understand the goals of the company and what they are expected to do to achieve these goals. This means they understand how their contributions affect the overall growth of the business.

Performance management typically creates an ongoing interaction and an atmosphere of encouragement, support, and trust. It also assists in developing a relationship between the company and its employees.

If members of the staff know that their employer and the organisation care about their efforts and are committed to assisting them in doing more and advancing their career – the odds are very high that they will want to engage better with the business." - Danni White, Editor-In-Chief at

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