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Lead like an Elephant

A wise elephant leader has strong leadership qualities in addition to the social and cognitive qualities of elephants in general. Elephant leaders are confident, well-connected and earned the respect of others based on their wisdom, charisma, and track record of wise decision making in times of crisis.

Elephant leaders are compassionate towards and deeply care for the members of their extended family. They show courage in crisis and wisdom in difficult situations, and work extremely hard to maintain the bonds of their social network.

Managing Diversity - US 252043, Credits 6, Level 5, BBBEE Category E

Course Overview

Diversity in today’s workforce is the norm. Globalisation and the need for a variety of skills leads to diverse workforces across the world.

Learning to manage a diverse work team is one of the critical management skills team leaders must have in order to succeed.

 This course equips team leaders the skills and tools needed to manage a diverse work team while at the same time achieving organisational goals.

Course Objective

To learn how to manage a diverse team in the workplace


SkillsTrain Distribution imports and distributes a wide range of training products to constantly meet changing industry needs.

The company was started by Linda Botha, who has been in the importing and distribution arena for many years. She has been nominated against some of the top women in business at the Women in Business Awards and National Business Awards and is currently a member of the Women Presidents’ Organization.

Her focus is to assist learners in furthering their studies to achieve success/excellence with their studies.

Online Courses

Palomino Training Solutions offers a wide range of online short courses where you login and complete the course in your own time on the internet. The length of these courses range from 3 hours to 20 hours, depending on the course content and your speed. Each course costs R199 ex vat and please see our available courses below (we are always loading new courses):


Building and Empowering Effective Teams

Building and empowering effective teams’ training consists of six modules that incorporates a variety of strategic planning, performance management and team effectiveness principles. It is a five day training course with theoretical input, interactive experiential exercises and practical examples that provide the learner with the knowledge and tools to build, develop and maintain effective teams; strategically aligned to the organisational goals and objectives.


This training course will provide the learner with the following competencies, skills and understandings:

Face and Resolve Conflict

High emphasis is placed on learning through ‘doing’ where the learner is presented with real life and workplace case studies and role playing to ensure the delegate develops knowledge and confidence to take back into the workplace and apply them successfully.

Time Management

This course helps people to reduce stress and improve productivity. When you learn and maintain good time management skills, you’ll find freedom from deadline pressure and from stress in general. You’ll be more productive, procrastinate less, and have more time to relax, which helps further decrease stress and anxiety.

What are the learning outcomes?

Presentation Skills

This course helps people create simple, clear and compelling presentations and deliver them effectively, whatever the situation. Professionals are empowered to deliver with confidence, authority and impact.

What are the learning outcomes?

    • Creating effective presentations
    • Successfully delivering presentations, and
    • Explaining methods for reducing presentation fears and stresses


Manage Team and Individual Performance

This course is about making the best use of your team and its members so that they can achieve your organisation's objectives. It covers allocating work, agreeing objectives, and setting out plans and methods of working. It also involves monitoring and evaluating the work of your team and its members and providing feedback to them on their performance.

What are the learning outcomes?

    • Set performance goals and measures,
    • Formulate development plans, and
    • Monitor and evaluate performance


Life Skills

This course is suitable for people that are in the process of making a new change in their lives, how to prepare for the change and how to implement the changes in their lives. It is about making people aware of their current realities, how to set performance goals, manage own time, create own CV, prepare for interviews and attend interviews.

What are the learning outcomes?

Coaching & Mentoring

This introductory course to Coaching & Mentoring will equip leaders with the tools to implement a mentoring and coaching approach to help unlock potential, reinforce strengths and counteract any negative behaviour, all with the aim of maximising the individual's performance.

What are the learning outcomes?

South African Sign Language Elementary Course - Level 1: (SASLE-1)

With Sign Language becoming the 12th Official Language of South Africa, there is a need for high quality Sign Language training by a competent Sign Language Provider with a good training record. South Africa is falling behind in the integration of disabled people into the workplace. Despite the fact that the Employment Equity Act demands that at least 2% of an organisation’s workforce be disabled, almost all private and public institutions have failed to reach their targets.

 * Entry level Sign Language training. 

Text Analytics For Survey in SPSS Training Course

IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys is a standalone software product, designed to qualitatively analyse responses to open-ended questions. This course provides clarity on all the steps in the text analysis process, from reading the text data to exporting the final categories for further analysis. Delegates will also learn how to edit and manage dictionaries and libraries.

Please see more SPSS training courses here

SPSS Complex Samples Training Course

Effective sampling ensures that the set of respondents or households being examined, optimally represents the population being investigated. Attend this course to see how the SPSS Complex Samples add-on module enables users to easily design, execute and automate probability-based sample plans. It can also use existing plans and produce statistical summaries for samples.


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