Human Resources & Industrial Relations Training is part of the SCRS Group. The Group was founded in 2005 and specialise in education, e-learning and learning technologies. The Career Builder Programmes (CBPs) were developed over the past few years, specifically for school leavers and young graduates to prepare themselves for the world of work and to improve their own employability prospects. Some of the programmes include very focussed small business and/or entrepreneurial content to also enable graduates to start their own small businesses after obtaining some experience in industry.  

Competency Based Interviewing Skills

On-Site Training for a Minimum of 6 Delegates

The changing SA environment, specifically within the context of the new legislation in the form of the Labour Relations and Employment Equity Acts, has necessitated a move towards a competency approach to managing people and work.  This context directly affects recruitment and selection including the interviewing and assessment processes. The Competency Based Interview and Assessment Workshop has been developed to address these needs.

S D I - What is this powerful tool?

SDI stands for 'strength deployment inventory'. It can be integrated into any environment where people need to work togehter and can form part of a number of training workshops as indicated below:

*  Board Development    *  Change Management     *  Coaching   *  Communication

*  Conflict Management         *  Customer Service    *  Decision Making    *  EQ

*  Leadership Development   *  Performance Management   *  Project Management 

*  Teambuilding and many more.

Practical People Management (HR for non-HR Managers)

The objective of this workshop is to take line managers on a journey.  This journey covers the life cycle of an employee from employment law; contractual obligations; recruitment; engagement through to disciplinary processes.  Along the way, both law and best practice principles are integrated as we weave our way through typicla and realistic case studies.

Why should managers' attend this workshop?

Successful Recruitment Practices (Behavioural Competency Based)

'Hire for skill and then fire for behaviour' is a common saying amongst HR professionals. All too often a person is recruited for the wrong reasons.  Simply because a person has a qualification, it does not necessarily mean they are able or willing to apply them! 

The cost of employment is expensive - andeve more so if the person turns out to be a poor recruit.  Turn that time spent interviewing into value added through attending our workshop and increase the success rate of employment up to 80%.

Introduction to People Management and Employment Law

This workshop has been designed to introduce the principles and practices of 'managing people' to the newly appointed manager, and those individuals who are tasks with taking on the Human Resources responsibility in a small to medium business.

The 1-day workshop provides insights into what and where to look in employment law; their roles as managers from recruiting, performance managing, disciplining through to preparing themselves for a formal Hearing.  The delegates area also given tools to take away with them.

The Course Content

SmartMoves Human Capital Pty Limited

SmartMoves Human Capital offer HR, Labour and Management Development Training workshops.  Our clients range from micro to large international companies, in all types of industries.  The training we offer can either be through one of our public workshops, or can be customised to suit the business needs where appropriate and held inhouse.  With 40 years experience in the human resources and management fields, we integrate our experiences into the training as far as possible and know we offer value for money to delegates.

Recruitment Consultant Training (2 days)


Who is the training aimed at?

HR Graduates that would want to venture into Recruitment and Selection, potential recruiters interested in entering the industry or existing recruiters working in-house, as corporate recruiters, or in a recruitment agency, etc. This training is imperative for candidates that want to get into Recruitment and Selection as a career, also for Recruiters who love the job they do.


Basic Course in Employee Assistance Programmes

The  Basic  Course  Employee  Assistance  Programmes  provides you with the knowledge, skills and insights to become an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) practitioner in private companies, government departments or service-provider organisations. The course will enhance your knowledge of EAPs (including standards and instruments) to enable you to successfully promote wellness in the workplace, while aligning the therapeutic, management/ supervisory and M&E strategies of a planned EAP to an organisation’s goals and objectives.

Human Resource Skills Programme (17 credits)

At CorporateWise, we deliver training that helps people evolve into better versions of themselves, both personally and professionally.

The programmes are adapted to suit every organisation’s individual needs, taking each learner’s strengths and weaknesses into consideration.

Following an in-depth analysis into skills gaps, company values and the organisational culture, material is designed specifically to ensure sustainable return on investment.

Soft Skills Training

We offer a wide range of soft skills training. These can be customised tio an organisations specific outcomes

Some of the content offer is:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Beyond Customer Service
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Calming Upset Customers
  • Time Management
  • Telehone Skills and Etiquette
  • Typing A to Z
  • Business etiquette and Professionalism
  • Effective Meeting Skills
  • Working in teams

For a comprehensive list of these skills based courses please contact us.

Labour Law Alert: Case Law Update 2019 Seminar

Case Law Update

The National Minimum Wage Act became effective on 1 January 2019 and four new labour law amendments are due for approval in the short to medium term. The Constitutional Court’s recent reinstatement of 44 Woolworths employees, shows that case decisions have a powerful effect on labour law. What was lawful just last week, may be unlawful this week due to a decision laid down in the labour dispute system.

During this seminar we will:

The Business School of South Africa

The Business School of South Africa (Pty) Ltd is an educational institution and Level 1 B‐BBEE provider with a core focus on implementing SETA accredited and NQF aligned qualifications recognized by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) for corporate organizations.

We offer a range of options for Learnerships, Internships, Management Development, Leadership and Technical Skills Programmes for Employed (Category 18.1) and Unemployed (Category 18.2) Learners. We are able to recruit and host Unemployed Learners.

Advanced Programme in Labour Relations Management

The Advanced Programme in Labour Relations Management provides you with progressive knowledge and skills that are specifically related to labour relations as a core function of contemporary human resources management. In your role as human resources or labour relations practitioner, the programme offers you an opportunity to develop the requisite specialised labour relations skills to apply in the workplace environment.

Advanced Programme in Labour Relations Management

The Advanced Programme in Labour Relations Management provides you with progressive knowledge and skills that are specifically related to labour relations as a core function of contemporary human resources management. In your role as human resources or labour relations practitioner, the programme offers you an opportunity to develop the requisite specialised labour relations skills to apply in the workplace environment.

MSC Business College Kempton Park

MSC Business College Kempton Park is a fully accredited further education provider offering quality diplomas, certificates, and using the latest technology. Programme offerings include Human Resources Management, Marketing, IT, Business Administration, Travel & Tourism, Accounting & Bookkeeping, Wholesale & Retail, Project Management, Public Relations and Public Finance. Having been around for 26 years and with 17 campuses in South Africa, the MSC Business College is one of the biggest names in education in South Africa.

Clarity 4D Profiling

Clarity4D is a combination of personality profiling and development programmes for the individual, partners, teams and corporations.


Each individual will have a personal report which is simple to understand, affordable, gives a global language of C O L O U R and is effective in terms of:




  1. Auditing Fundamentals

- Defining audits

- Types of audits

- Audit criteria

- Audit strategies


  1. Audit Teams

- Auditor competencies

- Team Communication

- Team meetings

- Roles and responsibilities


  1. Audit Evidence

- Data and information

- Types of evidence

- Interviewing strategies

- Document strategies

- Environmental strategies

- Credibility of evidence





  1. ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health &Safety Management Series

- Understanding the ISO Annex SL edition

- Understanding the key management criteria within the ISO 45001:2018 series

- Understanding the process approach


  1. Systems Framework:

- Decompiling the ISO 45001:2018 series

- Identifying the scope of the management system

- Developing a company specific management framework

- Integrating the framework into legislation




  1. Introduction to Six Sigma

- The history of quality management

- Foundations of Six sigma

- Fundamentals of management

- Opportunities and risks within quality

- Key embedded management concepts within Six Sigma

- Case study


  1. Statutory obligations within the quality domain

- Introduction to legislation

- Criminal and civil liability

- Statutes supported by quality management

- Case study



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