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ITIL Foundation Certification

ITIL certifications are recognized internationally across industries and regardless of the size of the organization. The three-day intensive course provides delegates with comprehensive training to prepare them for the ITIL examination (based on “The ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management Syllabus,” latest edition). 

It will enable delegates to: 

Agile Scrum Master Certification

Scrum is the most popular Agile framework. It is an adaptive, iterative, fast, exible, and effective methodology designed to deliver signicant value quickly and throughout a project.

Scrum ensures transparency in communication and creates an environment of collective accountability and continuous progress. The Scrum framework, as defined in the SBOK™ Guide, is structured in such a way that it supports product and service development in all types of industries and in any type of project, irrespective of its complexity.

The Business School of South Africa

The Business School of South Africa (Pty) Ltd is an educational institution and Level 1 B‐BBEE provider with a core focus on implementing SETA accredited and NQF aligned qualifications recognized by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) for corporate organizations.

We offer a range of options for Learnerships, Internships, Management Development, Leadership and Technical Skills Programmes for Employed (Category 18.1) and Unemployed (Category 18.2) Learners. We are able to recruit and host Unemployed Learners.

MSC Business College Kempton Park

MSC Business College Kempton Park is a fully accredited further education provider offering quality diplomas, certificates, and using the latest technology. Programme offerings include Human Resources Management, Marketing, IT, Business Administration, Travel & Tourism, Accounting & Bookkeeping, Wholesale & Retail, Project Management, Public Relations and Public Finance. Having been around for 26 years and with 17 campuses in South Africa, the MSC Business College is one of the biggest names in education in South Africa.




  1. ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health &Safety Management Series

- Understanding the ISO Annex SL edition

- Understanding the key management criteria within the ISO 45001:2018 series

- Understanding the process approach


  1. Systems Framework:

- Decompiling the ISO 45001:2018 series

- Identifying the scope of the management system

- Developing a company specific management framework

- Integrating the framework into legislation




  1. Introduction

- Historical overview of 5 S

- 7 Waste streams (lean management)

- Streamlining processes

- Benefits of the 5 S

- Integration of the 5 S into SHEQ


  1. Kata

- Introduction to KATA

- Improvement KATA

- Coaching KATA

- KATA and neuroscience

- KATA and behavioural science


  1. The 5S Methodology (practical approach)

- S1: Sorting

- S2: Setting

- S3: Shinning

- S4: Standardizing

Text Analytics For Survey in SPSS Training Course

IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys is a standalone software product, designed to qualitatively analyse responses to open-ended questions. This course provides clarity on all the steps in the text analysis process, from reading the text data to exporting the final categories for further analysis. Delegates will also learn how to edit and manage dictionaries and libraries.

Please see more SPSS training courses here

SPSS Complex Samples Training Course

Effective sampling ensures that the set of respondents or households being examined, optimally represents the population being investigated. Attend this course to see how the SPSS Complex Samples add-on module enables users to easily design, execute and automate probability-based sample plans. It can also use existing plans and produce statistical summaries for samples.

Conducting Competitive Surveys

This course shifts focus from SPSS to the art and science of survey design. Delegates who attend it will solidify their knowledge of the survey process – setting objectives, sampling, traditional and electronic questionnaire survey design, data collection methods and data capturing. Also covered are response rates and data preparation. See all training courses here

SPSS Statistics - Custom Tables Level 2

This course demonstrates the advanced features of the SPSS Tables add-on module. Delegates are shown how Custom Tables handles missing values, enables extensive formatting and editing of tables and how to move tables to other software products. Afterwards, delegates will be able to efficiently produce various types of customised tables and use the module’s unique syntax for repetitive analyses.

Analysing Data with SPSS Statistics


Analysing Data with SPSS Statistics aims to help to draw better statistical inferences from empirical research. Analysing Data with SPSS Statistics 4 DAYS Training Course teaches how to correctly interpret distributions, models, p-values, effect sizes, confidence intervals, Bayes Factors, and robust methods, and how these statistics answer different questions.

Basic requirements for deligates to attend Analysing Data with SPSS Statistics 4 DAYS Training Course:

Working with Data in SPSS Statistics Training Course


Working with Data in SPSS Statistics 2 DAYS begginer training course allows to gain a better understanding of the depth of features beneath the SPSS Statistics user interface. This SPSS Training course teaches how to import data, clean data, transform data, merge it with other data, and get it into the condition required to produce reliable models and informative results.


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