Sports Law 2019

Sport, both in South Africa and worldwide, is a constant backdrop to our lives. However, the sheer popularity of sport means there are a lot of potential issues that can arise. Sports law is therefore a vital part of sport. Good governance must be clearly present and someone has to uphold the rules of the game when they come into dispute.

Trusts - an intro to the legal and practical aspects 2019

Law@work, UCT Faculty of Law, is pleased to present a one-day seminar on trusts.

About the seminar
A trust is simply an agreement by which assets are managed by one person for the benefit of others. Trusts have, for many years, been used as a very popular and effective financial planning tool.


Direct marketing regulations 2019

UCT Law@work is pleased to present a half-day seminar on direct marketing regulations.

About the seminar
Between the Consumer Protection Act, the Protection of Personal Information Act and various industry codes, it has become very difficult to figure out what the rules are around sending consumers direct marketing.

When must you ask for consent?

What must that consent look like?

How must people unsubscribe?

Can we cold-call people?

Can we buy leads and contact information?

Labour Law Alert: Case Law Update 2019 Seminar

Case Law Update

The National Minimum Wage Act became effective on 1 January 2019 and four new labour law amendments are due for approval in the short to medium term. The Constitutional Court’s recent reinstatement of 44 Woolworths employees, shows that case decisions have a powerful effect on labour law. What was lawful just last week, may be unlawful this week due to a decision laid down in the labour dispute system.

During this seminar we will:

MSC Business College Kempton Park

MSC Business College Kempton Park is a fully accredited further education provider offering quality diplomas, certificates, and using the latest technology. Programme offerings include Human Resources Management, Marketing, IT, Business Administration, Travel & Tourism, Accounting & Bookkeeping, Wholesale & Retail, Project Management, Public Relations and Public Finance. Having been around for 26 years and with 17 campuses in South Africa, the MSC Business College is one of the biggest names in education in South Africa.




  1. Auditing Fundamentals

- Defining audits

- Types of audits

- Audit criteria

- Audit strategies


  1. Audit Teams

- Auditor competencies

- Team Communication

- Team meetings

- Roles and responsibilities


  1. Audit Evidence

- Data and information

- Types of evidence

- Interviewing strategies

- Document strategies

- Environmental strategies

- Credibility of evidence




  1. Introduction

- Historical overview of 5 S

- 7 Waste streams (lean management)

- Streamlining processes

- Benefits of the 5 S

- Integration of the 5 S into SHEQ


  1. Kata

- Introduction to KATA

- Improvement KATA

- Coaching KATA

- KATA and neuroscience

- KATA and behavioural science


  1. The 5S Methodology (practical approach)

- S1: Sorting

- S2: Setting

- S3: Shinning

- S4: Standardizing



  1. Introduction to Six Sigma

- The history of quality management

- Foundations of Six sigma

- Fundamentals of management

- Opportunities and risks within quality

- Key embedded management concepts within Six Sigma

- Case study


  1. Statutory obligations within the quality domain

- Introduction to legislation

- Criminal and civil liability

- Statutes supported by quality management

- Case study


Introduction to the law and drafting of contracts 2019

Watch this space for info - COURSE STILL TO BE CONFIRMED!


Almost all aspects of our personal lives, work and business activities involve the entering into of contracts, whether verbally, in writing or online. In many cases it can be difficult to understand the technical legal terms and language used in contracts, to know what to look for in a contract, or to appreciate all of the legal implications of entering into one.

Legislative drafting - 2020

UCT Law@work is pleased to add a three-day short course in legislative drafting to its suite of writing courses. 


The main purpose of the course is to provide persons in the public sector who are involved in the drafting of legislation (including delegated legislation) with basic theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in respect of the drafting of legislative measures. 


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