Supervisor & Junior Management

Diploma of Business Administration

This course would apply to individuals with various job titles including administration managers, general office managers and office managers. Individuals in these roles may possess a sound theoretical knowledge base and use a range of specialised, technical or managerial competencies to plan, carry out and evaluate their own work and/or the work of a team.

Admission requirements

Entry to this course is limited to those who have:

Diploma of Human Resources Management

Are you a people person? Do you know how to communicate with diverse groups to inspire them to achieve their goals? This is one of the roles of an effective Human Resources Manager.

HR is more than just hiring new staff, it is about supporting existing staff in their career journeys so that they can become the most valuable employee they can possibly be for the organisation. Without a doubt, good HR management is essential for any business to survive and prosper.

Diploma of Retail Leadership

This course reflects the role of individuals who manage a retail business, multiple retail stores or departments, following a business strategy to deliver profitable results for the organisation. These individuals support senior management and provide leadership to retail teams. They plan and evaluate the work of self and others, operating with autonomy and responsibility for personal outputs.

Diploma of Leadership & Management

Take the next step in your career by studying with Nurture Education’s Diploma of Leadership & Management.

Exceptional communication skills are one of the key attributes of our great leaders. Leaders and managers need to be able to effectively communicate with both their team and external stakeholders in order to deliver results for their organisations.

Diploma of Marketing & Communication

Marketing is a fast-paced and dynamic industry. Every business needs effective marketing campaigns to be able to promote their goods and services. Marketers can also work in the government sector with communication strategies being of utmost importance to these departments.

This course will assist you in managing teams of marketers, holding the responsibility for the work of other staff and leading them to conducting effective marketing campaigns.

Admission requirements

Work Readiness Programme (Unit Standard Aligned Skills Programme)

Our programme is presented as a facilitated classroom programme or distance elearning programme.

The work place readiness program has been designed to assist learners in becoming workplace ready in six workplace fundamental requirements, namely: 

  1. Ethics and Conflicts of Interest
  2. Financial Awareness and Self Budgeting
  3. Workplace Etiquette
  4. Time Management
  5. Communication Skills
  6. Computer Literacy Skills


Junior Management Fundamentals


 Explain the relationship between the type, ownership, size of an organisation and its management structure

 Explain the relationship between various management roles

 Describe the management activities involved in running a successful business

 Explain the basic activities involved in the management process

 Identify and explain some of the tasks required of managers

 Apply the decision making process to make a management decision

 Apply the general management functions to a selected organisation

Certificate in Supervisory Development

The purpose of this qualification is to build the knowledge and skills required by employees in junior management positions, who have had schooling below NQF level 3. It is intended to empower learners to acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes and values required to operate confidently as junior managers in the South African community and to respond to the challenges of the economic environment and changing world of work. As a qualification that covers management, it provides a framework for learners to develop competencies that will enable them to become competent junior managers.

Managing the Millennials-Inhouse or Public

Focus Your Efforts and Learn to “Connect” with the Millennials.

They’re creative, enthusiastic, and technologically connected.  They move fast and want to be challenged.  They’re the Millennials:  The new generation of employees who are reshaping how we do business – and challenging the status quo of motivating and managing.  This 2-day workshop combines the principles of effective motivation with the values specific to the Millennial generation to provide strategies to motivate and manage the Millennial generation.

Stress Management (Practical)

On the First day of the Programme (Theoretical), learners will be taught all they need to know about coping with stress, from identifying the causes and symptoms of stress, to monitoring their response to pressure and implementing coping strategies. 

Lunch 'n Learn


Specifically designed for those who struggle to find the time to attend a full day training session but would like to update or improve their skills.

Career Seminar

You do not have to be self-employed to build your own brand ... your Career is your Business. Take charge of your career, make the right choices, be driven by insatiable passion, and let nothing stand in your way.

Topics Include:

- How to be Proactive: The 5-Step System

- Communicating with Clarity and Precision

- Building your own Personal Brand

- Transforming Passion and Potential into Collaborative Success

- What you Can Do to Further your Career


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