Time Management Training

Text Analytics For Survey in SPSS Training Course

IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys is a standalone software product, designed to qualitatively analyse responses to open-ended questions. This course provides clarity on all the steps in the text analysis process, from reading the text data to exporting the final categories for further analysis. Delegates will also learn how to edit and manage dictionaries and libraries.

Please see more SPSS training courses here

SPSS Complex Samples Training Course

Effective sampling ensures that the set of respondents or households being examined, optimally represents the population being investigated. Attend this course to see how the SPSS Complex Samples add-on module enables users to easily design, execute and automate probability-based sample plans. It can also use existing plans and produce statistical summaries for samples.



Job Grading online product (Paterson methodology, but also reflects Hays/task and Peromnes)

Online Assessments

Many to select from including but not limited to Profile XT, 360 sales, 360 Leadership. Geno’s accredited


Assessment on your staff and their overall contribution and performance. Taking into account culture and environment 
How to get the most out of your business through human capital

Salary Benchmarking and Internal Equity

Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making

The real issue is not just about being creative but how to use clear processes to clarify problems and come up with effective solutions.

The instructor will guide participants through the process of identifying root causes of problems, generating solutions to problems, establishing decision-making criteria, and using those criteria to select the best alternative solution to problems. 

Participants will learn to evaluate the benefits and risks of individual vs group decision-making approaches and

MCP Programme (Mature, Confident, Professional)

The Programme Modules Include:

1. Emotional Intelligence (M)

2. Stress Management (M)

3. Conflict Management (M)

4. Effectively Assertive (C)

5. Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills (C)

6. Business Etiquette and Ethics (P)

7. Time Management (P)

8. Professional Business writing (P)

Cost and Time Effective E-Learning Option Available on Programme Modules.

Please contact us for more information on the course content, training schedule, cost and bookings.

MSC Education Holdings

Aha Training and Development


Every workshop kicks off with these words….. WHY?

Because we know what works for high retention rates in training and development. We understand the importance of personal development, team development and business development.

Our experience has shown us time and time again that people learn faster, smarter and better (they get the aHa’s) – if the right environment, tools, training innovation, facilitators, and training interventions are used.

Edutel Holdings (Pty) Ltd

Edutel consists of a number of companies offering numerous qualifications and part qualifications specialising, each specialising in various sectors.

Edutel Wholesale and Retail Academy (Pty) Ltd. is the largest wholesale and retail training provider in Africa, offering more than 95% of the qualifications and part qualifications registered for the sector. Edutel Wholesale & Retail Academy is accredited by the W&RSETA & QCTO. 

TenStep® People Management - Curriculum

PM06.20 Conducting Meetings – teaches the fundamentals on planning, participating in, and concluding successful meetings. (1 day)

PM08.10 Leadership and Change Management – describes the many characteristics of a good leader. When managing change, leaders understand the issues that may appear as barriers to change, and put holistic plans in place to overcome the problems. (2 or 3 days)

The Institute of People Development (IPD)

Founded in 1999, Workplace Skills Solutions t/a The Institute of People Development (IPD) strives to equip, prepare and certify practitioners to serve South Africa’s skills development strategy and facilitate the transformation of education and training. Over the years, IPD has become the preferred people development partner to most state owned and private enterprises in Southern Africa. IPD has assisted over 500 public and private training providers across most sectors of the economy to achieve or maintain accreditation through consulting, training and providing published guidelines. 

Tsakisi Training & Consulting

About Tsakisi Training & Consulting

Tsakisi Training & Consulting provides soft skills training workshops and leadership skills coaching for any business that would like to empower its staff to improve their performance and effectiveness. Services range from one-on-one coaching and mentoring through to various training workshops.

CBM Training - Time Management Skills to Maximise Productivity

Even if you have demands placed on you by others, you can still protect your time management plan by diplomatically managing expectations. By carefully managing and planning for the tasks you accept, you will see how much more you get done, with less stress.

This intensive 1 day time management training course will show you how to dramatically improve your time management through better planning, prioritising, delegating, controlling your environment, understanding yourself and identifying what you should change about your habits, routines and attitude.


Health and Safety Induction videos serves to train and inform staff, visitors and contractors of the Hazardous processes, Hazardous material, noise zones or any potential hazards they may encounter while at work or during a visit to the site.

Such videos are equally necessary as they serve to orientate and induct the new staff within the organisation.




Is you company Legally compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety Law and the respective regulations?

SRA can assist with afforable Legal compliance Audits in your business.

Legal Compliance done for:

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • EFT
  • Higher Learning Institutes
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Industrial Plants
  • Retail
  • Any Institutes

Ishango College

Advance Your Career 
Take advantage of being able to earn while you learn! Everybody wants to increase their earning potential. The best way to do this is to increase your knowledge and improve your skills through study. if you are starting out in the working world or looking for a new skill or career path, sign up for a course that you can do at your own pace.

Time Management


Time is absolutely uncontrollable (time waits for no one). However, maximising what we do with time is 100%

controllable (time management). Every person has only twenty-four hours in a day and nothing will alter that,

but why are some people so much more successful at attaining their objectives? Why do so many companies

focus on other resources, but when time is lost, it's lost forever?

Programme Outline

1. Just two things make us successful -- energy & focus -- which one is more important (group exercise).

Eskilz College

Eskilz College began back in 2002 providing training and development for individuals and corporates. In 2012 Eskilz College changed its company structure to pursue it’s accreditation as a Private Further Education and Training College.

Eskilz College has it head office in Tongaat, Kwa Zulu Natal and has opened a branch in North Riding, Gauteng. Our passion remains in assisting people realize their full potential.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide quality education across a broad spectrum of sectors with the aim of strengthening the South African economy

Team building Training

LifeLine’s experiential Team building session will allow participants the opportunity to encounter and bond with each other on a deeper level. Opportunities will be created for venting of negative feelings, followed by individual responsibility dynamic exercises where each individual will take responsibility for the success of their team and understand their vital place within that team. Team building exercises will be balanced with discussions. Informality and laughter will prevail.

Call Centre Training

Call Centre consultants and managers who work in a pressurized environment, are often required to deal with angry and emotional clients, both internal and external, sometimes escalating to conflict - making interaction difficult. This may leave employees and managers feeling frustrated, stressed and disempowered, yet they still have to write up and resolve the complaint.

Anger Management Training

The anger management training offered hones effective interpersonal communication at all levels and with diverse individuals; develops assertiveness, and teaches conflict management techniques (if time permits). Self-awareness and understanding of personal interactive styles are also stressed. Group bonding and support is an outcome of this training


• To hone anger management skills
• To enhance effective interpersonal skills of participants
• To enhance assertiveness enhance conflict management skills


Business Etiquette Training

In today's ever changing Business and Corporate world, you need to be savvy, slick and on the ball to make a first impression when meeting those clients and responding to important emails and Telephonic calls. Research shows that only a few percentage of staff members really know how to handle clients effectively. We need to take a shift from technical thinking skills to customer oriented skills and that of self management.This can be difficult if you are a millennial or a newly appointed member in the corporate world with no prior soft skill training/ knowledge.


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