A 2018 supplier development initiative

Learning specialists graduate with a National Diploma in Occupationally-Directed Education, Training and Development Practices.

OMNI undertook to provide their human capital associates with a sponsored opportunity to complete a National Diploma, NQF Level 5. This initiative formed part of OMNI’s supplier development programme for 2018. The opportunity saw thirty-six learning specialists qualify with an Occupationally-Directed, Education Training and Development qualification.

The aim of the initiative allowed associates to enroll onto an outcomes-based programme and has seen associates apply their knowledge and skills through building a portfolio of evidence to achieve competence. Undertaking a Diploma in the space of one year in addition to balancing the responsibilities of a "day-job" and family is certainly not easy. We asked the Programme Manager: Ghawa Latib, what contributed to the learners' success;

Learners need to be motivated in their own quest for learning to succeed in their learning programme. When motivation is driven internally, and the learner enjoys what they are learning and doing, they are more likely to succeed in their learning and assessment.

Learning and gathering evidence towards your assessment takes time. When you make the decision to study further, you need to adjust your work/life balance to work/life/study balance. It is important to realise that you will need to make the personal sacrifice after hours to focus on your learning.

The adage “if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you” by Fred Vito holds true for anyone who wants to grow and develop. Being willing to stretch yourself and your thinking beyond your comfort zone, being willing ask questions and do the research, being driven to interact positively during learning and assessment regardless of potential challenges. If learners are able to see challenges as opportunities and match that with effort, they are more likely to succeed and enjoy their learning journey.

Establishing good relationships and support in your workplace will be very beneficial to your growth and development. A Coach would provide valuable guidance and support to help the learner develop the knowledge and practical skills to succeed in their learning and assessment.

Engaging with other learners during the learning intervention allows the group to share valuable knowledge and experience with each other. Learners who undertake to work in groups and support each other are more likely to do well in their learning and assessment experience.

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By Cassandra Julius, Marketing Executive at Omni HR Consulting