Is 2019 still a blur or crystal clear?

A definition of Work Readiness would be that a “work ready” individual possesses the foundational skills needed to qualify for a specific occupation as determined through a job analysis or occupational profile. I would argue that we should strive for work readiness that is more holistic.

A philosophical definition for ‘holistic’ would be an approach that is characterized by the belief that the parts of “something” are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. Let’s explore this with reference to 3-R’s, being Rest, Reflect and Respond, which I believe should form part of our business - and personal strategy to be and remain “work ready”;

1. Rest is so important and has become the victim of our busyness – culture and lifestyle. Prioritize rest and know yourself. Get away, chill, exercise, alone time, me time, family time, screen time breaks could all be required and then just to sleep enough. The practice of fasting, not of food in context of this article, of certain busyness activities or self-imposed commitments has been proven to assist in achieving rest. Your general well-being and health (body and soul) is known to benefit or lack primarily due to the practice of rest. You, your family and loved ones deserve the best you, which is the healthy you.

2. Take time to Reflect, regularly, and review your goals. Let’s talk goals rather than those cliché new year’s resolutions. Take an honest look at your life, your vision and dreams. Do you have work-life balance? Are you over-committed in your work, personal, school or societies involvement and under-committed to your key relationships and personal development/education …. and rest? What is the score you will give yourself for healthy eating and living? Are there things causing you stress that need to be addressed, maybe with the help of someone? What does your personal 168 hours per week time sheet look like? Sleep should be 42 to 56 hours (25-33%), work would be +/- 45 hours (27%) and so on …. A person that is serious about for example a diet would have to keep a food diary. Your personal time sheet kept for a sufficient period of time will reveal which things you value the most in terms of time spent and allow for reflection against your life priorities. Tomas Dewar said “Minds are like parachutes. They only function when open.” Do this reflection with someone you trust and can take an objective independent view. Reflection is a partner to Rest.

3. Respond in an intentional, motivated and realistic committed way. Choose one big thing that will be your game changer. Maybe one big thing for the year or 1- thing per month that you can tick off. It is best to break up longer term goals in SMART smaller milestones. Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time identified are the elements to consider. If you are so inclined then explore one of the many productivity, exercise, health, diet or goal tracking applications that are available for free download from your phones’ app store. People report these to be a fun and interactive way of being reminded, motivated and for tracking your goals. Most of us would benefit from being accountable to someone else for these commitments you have made to yourself. It requires a step outside of your comfort zone.

At Omni HR Consulting we have realized that this holistic work ready approach is key to personal – and business success. Our offerings in our Leadership Development portfolio is made available to our team members as skills development and may be worthwhile for you to consider as your reflect and respond to the call of self-development as you kick-off 2019.

Take the leap and chat to us about your development goals. We would love to share our stories of learning and success with you and to partner with you to respond to your reflection outcomes. Whether in your personal capacity through our Public Training Schedule offering of accredited solutions or our many Business and Skills Development Solutions which can be implemented using the Work Integrated Learning methodology.

May 2019 be a blessed year starting now! Use this fresh perspective as a season of change and make the 3-R’s a lifestyle habit.

All the best!

By Ian S Smith Finance Executive, Omni HR Consulting