2021 School registrations go digital



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Northern Cape parents of school-aged children can say goodbye to long queues and enjoy a hassle-free school registration process after the launch of a new user-friendly online registration programme for 2021.

Premier, Dr Zamani Saul, described this milestone as a major step forward in the process to modernise the province.

“As this new administration, we articulated a vision of building a modern, growing and successful province. Modern, is a province that keeps pace with technology and it’s at the cutting edge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR),” he said on Wednesday.

“I also made the undertaking that there will be two immediate and important focus areas for this administration, mainly in the areas of health and education, as these two departments take up the bulk of the provincial budget.”

Saul added that the changes were needed so both the students and their parents could benefit.

“The launch today of this online admission system is not only at the centre of creating an admission system that will be without glitches, but it also sets the tone and adds to our vision of creating a government that keeps pace with technology.”

He said that he hopes this initiative will restore dignity in communities and that parents will no longer need to spend entire nights queuing outside school to get their children registered.

“We are pleased to announce that the online admission system eliminates possible delays of over 1 000 applications per year. This implies not only a dignified service but also an efficient system and for that, we reassure our society that we are a government that cares about your dignity.”

The system will be open from the 14th to the 30th of September 2020, while another 199 fully equipped walk-in centres across all five districts will become available to help parents who don’t have access to the internet and other related services.

The premier told parents that the success of their application depends on whether they meet the requirements, adding that the department will also assess whether the learner has a family member working at the school.

Another consideration is whether the student lives in the school’s area.

“If spaces remain after all the above-mentioned applicants have been admitted; other applicants in the order of the position will be considered,” he explained.

Saul urged parents to find out what the admission criteria is before the system opens to avoid unnecessary appeals and delays.

“I must highlight that the delays and the appeals have a tendency to be disruptive on the ability of the schools to effective learning and teaching on the first day of schooling.”

He ended by saying that the plan is to have a 100% enrolment within the province within three years.

“Soon we will launch our enrolment brigades, people that will go door-to-door to ensure that all children of school-going age are at school,” Saul said.

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