3 Habits of great leaders

Read through all the leadership quotes on the internet and you will get a pretty good idea of what it takes to be a good leader.

Over the decades' leadership changed. When you think about the leaders of ancient times, for example, Julius Caesar, it becomes clear that most of the leaders had a strong hand on their subordinates. They were dominant and often resorted to force to make examples and scare people into submission.

At the office, you are not faced with death when your task isn’t completed, but you are faced with being fired and becoming jobless. Leaders need to gear themselves to lead individuals who are faced with the realities of living and working with today’s challenges.

1. Honesty should be your best policy. Leaders can’t build trust if they are not being consistently honest and transparent. Without trust and honesty, respect from team members is non-existent.

2. Communicate clearly and positively. If your team doesn’t know where you want them to go, they cannot strategize on how to get there. If you communicate clearly and positively, your team will also see your passion and will believe in your vision.

3. Confidence and commitment. You need to keep calm and level-headed when faced with problems and challenging situations. Your confidence will shine through and your team will realize that you know what to do which will feed the team moral. Lead by example by being committed to the team and solving the problems effectively and efficiently. Put in the hours and maintain the fairness in your team.

Modern day leaders rely on their intuition and try to motivate and inspire their team members. You know that you have mastered this art when your team aspires to be like you, respect your decisions and thirst for your wisdom and coaching.

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