3 Technologies you need to understand

Each year industries of all kinds increase their use of technology in their daily operations. Here are some trends to look out for.

In the video “Top 10 Technologies To Learn In 2018” online training company Edureka identifies creative technologies that are changing the face of work.

We highlight 3 technology trends from this list:

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

In industries where jobs are repetitive in nature the potential for automation exists. Robotic Process Automation is used to handle high-volume, repetitive tasks performed by people.

“RPA can boost the overall productivity of companies by saving their time and money.”

One of the features of RPA is that it does not require coding skills. “RPA comes with simple drag and drop tool.”

RPA can be implemented by using tools like UIPATH, BLUEPRISM and AUTOMATION.

Intelligent APPS (I-Apps)

“I-Apps are pieces of software written for mobile devices based on artificial intelligence and machine-learning technology.”

These software applications are created to interpret “real-time” data in order to deliver a personalized user experience.

For example chat bots and virtual assistants are becoming a popular option for organisations to disseminate information in a personal way.

This technology aims to simplify everyday tasks. Whether its organising, prioritizing, emailing, scheduling or logging interactions.

Internet of Things (IoT)

“IoT is about connecting different objects in your environment via intelligent sensors enabling them to send and receive data.”

This can include everything from mobile phones to refrigerators. The idea is to create a network of digital devices by connecting inanimate objects.

Through IoT we can have “smart cities with optimized traffic systems, efficient waste management and energy use”.

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