3 Tips For Entrepreneurs


Starting a business and keeping it going can be a bit tricky, especially when you're doing it by yourself. Dr Antje Hargarter, head of Stadio School of Commerce, shares 3 business tips to help aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Although entrepreneurship isn't simple, these three tips can give budding go-getters a push in the right direction. Here's what Dr Hargarter advises:

  1. Think about why you want to become an entrepreneur

- All entrepreneurs have different reasons for wanting to become an entrepreneur.

"Is it because you want to create something sustainable and you want to grow this business idea that you have and you want to make a difference and employ people and still be there in 20 years time? Or is it because you can't see yourself in a big company and you're looking for a different way of earning money and you want to be self-employed?".  

Dr Hargarter advises figuring out which reason best suits your motivation for wanting to become an entrepreneur. Figuring this out before starting will help your business in the long run. 

  1. Do the right thing 

- Becoming an entrepreneur involves making many decisions that either involve money or are simply uncomfortable. It can be very easy to find yourself at a crossroad, but Dr Hargarter advises doing the right thing when faced with making a decision. 

 "I think for a business to strive in the long term, you need to be seen as doing the right thing when it comes to it."

  1. Have the right networks 

- Networking is a very important aspect of making sure that your product or business idea reaches the right people and enough people to make it successful. 

"If you don't have these networks then your product or service might not even be seen or acknowledged by anyone. If you do have networks and you do have people that appreciate your cause or support it and speak about it, then that can make a huge difference" Dr Hargarter explained. 



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