4 Reasons leaders need a sense of humour

Because the business world is seen as a serious place, it is commonly believed that leaders should remain professional by adopting a sense of seriousness and determination. After all, a normal business day consists of a lot of responsibility and making important decisions.

It is difficult to maintain a sense of humour if the leader of the company is under constant pressure. And being under so much stress is not fun. However, through our experience hosting hundreds of Leadership Development courses and through observing great leaders around the world, we realized that great leaders have an astonishing sense of humour.

These leaders have long discovered that having a sense of humour promotes success, team cohesion, and helps people relate to the authority and management. So here are a few of the reasons why it is important that leaders have an authentic sense of humour.

1. Does laughter equal trust?

Yes! Every person likes to laugh. No one chooses to be sad. Ever hear of the saying “laughter is the best medicine?” People relate to each other if there is a sense of humour present. The trick though is to spark giggles or laughter among those you want to win trust with. Not everybody shares the same kind of humour.

2. It creates a relaxed environment

When there is humour present, the atmosphere is lightened and more relaxed. Your happy hormones are released and you can calmly deal with a stressful situation. To start with humour in a tense discussion can often diffuse anger and conflict and start negotiations off on a positive note. This helps all parties involved think rational and clear.

3. Humour communicates well

Efficient communication done through humour is highly effective. People listen and understand better when leaders communicate in an entertaining way. Communicating with humour helps otherwise pressurized communication, inspire and encourage employees.