4 tips to re-enter the job market

Most people are aware of the difficulties around finding permanent employment in South Africa. While we’d all like to believe that the job market has improved, it doesn’t change the fact that finding a job is a difficult thing to do after a long absence from the workplace.

So if you haven’t been working for a while, and you’re looking for a job, we have 4 tips for how you can get back in the job market:

1. Ensure that you are up to date with current affairs and the current state of the industry:
If you’ve been out of the workplace for a while, it’s essential to make sure that you catch up with what’s been happening in your industry. You want to be able to show prospective employers that even though you haven’t been working, you’ve still kept up with what’s happening, and that you’re not completely out of touch with all the new developments in your field.

If a prospective employer can see that you’ve made an effort to keep up with developments and trends in your industry, he or she will see that you are passionate about your work, and that you are genuinely interested in your field. This can help to compensate for the fact that you’ve been out of the workplace for a while.

2. Offer to do temporary work:
Employers often look for temporary employees to work on short-term assignments, to assist with urgent projects, or to cover for employees who are going to be absent for a few weeks or months. You should therefore be open to doing some temporary work to build up recent work experience. Who knows, the company that hires you on a temporary basis might just be willing to offer you a permanent position after seeing what you are capable of.

3. Ace that big interview:
If you are invited to a job interview, make sure that you go well prepared, well dressed, and well informed. Also make sure that you are ready to answer questions about why you were unemployed for a period of time. If you need some help with this, read the following article: The Best Ways to Explain Long-Term Unemployment on Your CV
If you are feeling stressed before the interview, try to calm yourself down by chatting to a supportive friend or family member.

4. Study a course to update your skills:
If your job applications so far have been unsuccessful, you can boost your CV (and your chances of finding a job) by studying a short course to update your knowledge and skills.
If you study a short course, it will also indicate to prospective employers that you are committed to your career, that you are willing to put in additional effort, and that you are able to take the initiative.

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