4 Unexpected benefits of a higher education

Is the expense and stress of a higher education really worth it? Here are four benefits of studying further that may not have crossed your mind.

We primarily think of higher education in terms of the careers or job opportunities they afford. According to the video 'Why Study? Able's Guide To The Benefits Of Further Education' there are many more reasons to study further.

Here are 4 unexpected ways higher learning can enhance your life:

Discover your Purpose

"Education gives people goals and purpose. It takes work and dedication but the outcomes are certainly worthwhile." For people lacking direction a higher education is a productive first step into the unknown.

Become more Balanced

Education promotes a holistic life experience. It leads to the overall development of intellectual, emotional, social, physical and creative skills.

When individuals are engaged in an academic programme they learn about their own level of independence, perseverance, dedication and discipline. They also have the opportunity to develop these and other qualities and become well rounded people.

Explore your Options

A higher education can not tell you what your calling or interests are but it can give you the option to explore them. Many people begin in one area of study but end up in an entirely different field of work as they learn more about the global issues that peak their interest.

Enrich your life

Education opens your mind to new ideas, concepts and ways of doing. In addition study programmes often force you to interact with and learn about other cultures. This can lead to a fuller life as you open yourself up to new possibilities.