5 Reasons to set goals in 2019

The concept of New Year's resolutions may be outdated but setting goals is always in fashion.

If you are not a goal setter or if you are contemplating the value of this custom here are some good reasons to start.

In the video '6 Reasons To Set Goals in 2019' author Brian Tracy talks about the benefits of writing down your objectives for the coming year.

Goals give you focus

"Without a goal your efforts can become disjointed and often confusing," says Tracy.

Time is one of our most precious commodities yet we often waste it on trivial, meaningless activities.

When you have a goal you are more likely to set priories in your life and use your time wisely.

Goals help you measure progress

"Being able to keep track of your progress toward achieving a goal is only possible if you set one in the first place."

It is extremely rewarding to see yourself moving towards your goal.

The journey can be long and cumbersome at times but seeing your progress can sustain you during difficult times. It will inspire you to keep going when you become discouraged or tired.

Goals help you stay motivated

"It is easy to put off work until tomorrow when there is no goal on the line."

Procrastination is one of the biggest enemies of success. The temptation to put things off till later is always there because life is full of unexpected demands and distractions.

Having a goal keeps you motivated when you are tempted to postpone important work.

Goals help you decide what you want

"The act of setting goals forces you to contemplate what you really want out of life."

It compels you to think about where you want to live, what you want to earn, and how you want to spend your day.

If you know what you want you can live your life doing exactly that and avoid regrets.

Goals help you achieve even more

When you set a goal and reach it you experience feelings of satisfaction and success. It also helps you to realize that you are capable.

This prompts you to set bigger goals and do more with your life.

"It is therefore the act of setting, achieving and surpassing goals that makes living your best life possible."

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By Cindy Payle - Portal Publishing