5 Sales tips for Black Friday

Black Friday will be on 23 November 2018. It originated in the US, but is growing every year in South Africa. Global Analysis Team surveyed 12000 shoppers from 55 countries which included SA. In an *article Eyewitness News published a month ago, they reported that this survey suggests that 66% of South Africans will participate in 2018 Black Friday. What makes Black Friday even more popular is the time of the year with the holidays in site and everyone is getting their Christmas shopping done.

But whether it is online or in-store sales, it looks like retailers are kicking off their seasonal sales on Black Friday with a bang. Here are a few sales tips that might help you and your sales team get ready for Black Friday:

1. Start early and plan properly. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said that “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Your goal is to increase your sales on Black Friday, so start early enough in order to create a need, build anticipation and plan properly.

2. Know the time of year and your customers. Time and experience is of the essence this time of year. It is hot and the malls are busy. But it is also nearly end of the year, with most exams finishing off and people starting to get their festive cheer on and going into holiday mode. Cater for this and think out of the box to take your customers on a sales-journey, so to speak. Remember that if customers have a good and memorable experience, they buy more and they will come back.

3. Use Social Media and Email Marketing to enhance your sales strategies. Be top of mind. Be creative on Social Media and with your email marketing. Customers shop with their eyes. Make the specials look attractive and make the deal irresistible. Remember that when customers buy specials, you are directing them to your store and they might spend even more money on some of your other products. Your specials should be visible everywhere. You can reach a wide audience digitally if your sales campaigns are unique, exciting and creative.

4. Involve the entire company. Get your staff excited. Make them involved in the entire process. You will be surprised how brainstorming with different types of staff will set off creative brainwaves, even if it is an employee in the accounts department. You will be surprised at the level of creativity in your company, from how to structure the entire sale to getting the store ready for Black Friday, give them ownership of this day.

5. Measure results and feedback for next year. Debriefing your staff on the sales campaign afterwards, means that you give them feedback in areas to concentrate on next year. Learn from your mistakes, improve and focus on what works. During your sales campaign, track and analyse sales data to help you with your efforts next year.

Black Friday has become such a successful sales day that companies are beginning to target the entire November and calling it Black November to increase their sales even more. This sales initiative is something shoppers look forward to for months. Tammy Faye Bakker said: “I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.” This can be one of your biggest sales days this year. Make it count.

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