5 Trends that have redefined 'work'


Organisations and individuals are being forced to think differently about the concept of employment.

Terms like employee, manager and work are evolving to incorporate the changes happening across the globe.

According to the video "The 5 trends shaping the world of work" there are five major factors that are causing this evolution to happen.

1. Globalisation

The world is slowly becoming one large city. The divisions previously caused by language, culture, currency and location have started to dissipate.

"This means that organisations can tap into talent anywhere in the world."

2. Mobility

This refers to the increased capacity to "stay connected". Regardless of their location individuals can now access information and social networks at any time.

"Work is no longer a place you go to, it's something that you carry with you."

3. Changing Demographics

Millenials want to work in new ways using the latest technologies and as a result are spearheading organisational change.

However the employee of the future is not necessarily a millennial, but anyone who is willing to learn, change and grow.

4. New Behaviours

"We are all comfortable living a more public life." Our opinions, reviews, professional history and personal images are now shared publicly through social media networks.

This new way of living has fundamentally transformed the way organisations operate.

"In fact virtually every aspect of business behaviour has changed including the way we share, communicate, teach, learn, find information, access technology and create content."

5. Technology

Technology enables us to be more engaged and productive through wearable tech and mobile devices, cloud computing and big data.

"In the future of work technology is the central nervous system of the organsation that enables everything else to function."

These 5 trends are forcing companies to reassess their approach to work and create environments where people want to work in order to attract the best talent.