5 Ways that a creative career can positively influence your life

We’ve come a long way from the thinking that creatives are a select crowd of eccentric people with stars in their eyes and flowers in their hair. Where there was once an idea that creative people were lofty people with their heads in a cloud, there is now the utmost reverence and respect for what they bring to the table in the greater context of life and in business. Their influence can be felt in creative areas such as graphic design, web design, filmmaking, creative writing and so much more.

Yes, there is always a murmur of doubt in the air about whether a creative career will help pay the bills and fill the belly at the end of the month. You may even ask yourself; are there enough careers for creative people? But in all honesty creative people are increasingly beginning to find careers that not only match their capabilities, but add value to the business world.

So exactly what are some of the most meaningful ways in which creative careers can positively influence your life? Let’s find out:

Creative Careers Provide:

1. Greater Work-Life Satisfaction

Often times, you hear of tired, burnt out individuals in corporate environments complaining that they don’t get enough time to pursue their creative dreams. These people may have the inclination to do some creative writing, try their hand at studying motion picture make-up or maybe even enrol in a photography course. But somehow it never seems to happen. If you are already in a creative career, chances are that you chose one deliberately and in doing so, you would have woven a thread of creativity through your life. In this way you are already on the path to greater work-life satisfaction.

2. Opportunities to Collaborate with other Creative Individuals

Any creative person knows that there isn’t anything more exciting than meeting people who share your love and common interest for creative pursuits. When you are in a creative career, you are guaranteed to meet people who have the same interests as you or at very least share the passion that you have for your craft. Besides meeting each other in the line of duty, it is always exciting to know that you have the opportunity to collaborate with them on joint ventures and projects of interest.

3. Health and Wellbeing Benefits

Whatever your creative career leaning is, one thing is clear, there is an immense amount of value in pursuing a creative career from a health and wellbeing point of view. Studies have shown that having a creative career or at very least a creative pastime can result in:

Feelings of catharsis
A reduction in stress and anxiety
A distraction from negativity
A tool to help you focus

4. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Most creative people dream of having endless hours of creativity ahead of them. With loads of paints, synthesisers, oil pastels, spray paint and other creative tools. While this picture may not always come to pass in the actual sense of the word, embarking on a career in which you can be creative allows for you to weave an element of fun and fulfilment into your life.

5. A deep and abiding source of Resilience

Let’s face it. Life can be filled with challenges and pitfalls. There are moments when we all wish we could find ways to develop resilience to tide us over the difficult times. When it comes to creativity and more especially creative careers, we are immersed in doing the things that we love. Rough times in life, can make it feel like the world is a cruel place, but when we know that we have our art or craft to tide us over this, the world can feel like a better place.

List of Creative Careers:

Music Director
Music, Art or Drama teacher
Interior Designers
Art Directors
Multi-media artists and animators
Commercial and Industrial designers
Film Editors

Benefits of Creativity in Business

Creativity in business is essential for a number of reasons. In order for businesses, products and services to always be innovating and evolving, we need people with creative vision, skills and expansive thinking. Ideas, problem-solving, planning for the future and merging new concepts all stem from decided and deliberate efforts in the realm of creativity.

Why is creativity important in life?

There is no singular reason why creativity is important in life. To each person it is uniquely different and as personalised as the very breaths that we take. But I can truly speak for myself when I say that creativity is the thing that gives me life force. I look for beauty in the world in the same way that a person in the desert might seek a cold, glass of water. It is for this reason that I myself have embarked on a creative career, as a way in which to curate that beauty and propel it into the world as a force for change.

Creativity is:


Creativity is LIFE!

By Laeeka Khan