The 6 hottest trends in customer intelligence

In previous articles we explain how employees are an asset to your business. Customers are the other side of the success coin. If not for them, where would the money come from? Shockingly surveys reveal that nearly 66% of customers change brands because of bad service.

Why? The reason is simply that because of today’s hyper-connected world of constant interactions, responsive feedback and the need for instant gratification; customers expect an out-of-this-world experience and better service. Customers want to feel important and appreciated.

Let’s look at the six 2019 trends in customer care and intelligence:

1. Connectivity. People today, want to know everything that is going on, especially what’s trending and the latest innovations. They want to be well informed and stay connected. Sales Teams need to know when to send what information, making sure that their clients and customers are well informed and up to date.

2. Instant chats. Customers want to chat to someone instantly without picking up the phone asking for the right person. They want to tell a friendly, professional and knowledgeable person their needs and expect an instant helpful reply. Skills in dealing with a customer online are extremely important here as you don’t want the customer to go offline not getting their details and closing a deal. Your sales staff should be trained to give a high level of service, making it as easy as possible and convenient for customers.

3. Shift of call centres. Although call centre remains extremely important for various reasons, like handling a sale, fixing a problem or assisting a customer, another form of assistance is available through Google. So instead of phoning, most people Google first. Make sure your website has enough articles, ‘how to’ or Frequently Asked questions as articles or as videos, so that you don’t lose the customer and still give them enough information to added value to their experience.

4. Feedback. A lot of South Africans, don’t complain, they just go to the competitor. Get feedback from your customers on their experiences with the staff and product. When used and used in the right way, this type of feedback can help the growth of your company tremendously.

5. CX Strategy. It is all about Customer experience aka CX. Most companies don’t realise how important this is. There are many competitors in similar industries and as such customers can pick and choose where they go. They naturally go to the company who offer them the best experience. It is no longer about product and price, but about relationships and journeys.

6. Security. We refer to security on all levels. Whether it is inside a store or online payment a customer needs to feel safe and associate that with the brand. Not only do companies have more and more data about individuals because of personalization, a rise in crime make customers more careful in their purchasing behaviour. Personnel should be trained on how important protecting personal information is. Customers should feel that you have their best interest at heart and that you value their safety.

Customer intelligence as a whole concept is a big trend during 2019. As your business evolves and stays with the times, so are your customers. If you know them well, you will be able to target them right.

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