6 Reasons why the time to take action is now

I have always had a deep-seated belief somewhere in my soul, that every action of mine required intense thought, introspection and forward-planning. This has worked for me in many aspects of my life. But there have also been moments where I’ve felt as if those thought processes have forced me to come to a dramatic halt.

Some level of planning is good. But, if we are not careful, the dialogue that we have running through our minds will become damaging to our mental health.

Stop wading through the sticky molasses of uncertainty and hesitation! Success thrives when it feels the breeze of action. When you get into the habit of action you will bring a much-needed breath of fresh air to your life. When we are taking inspired action, our body language changes, our breathing is deeper and more conscious, our blood is energised and guess what? Our goals are realised.

Reasons to begin taking action today:

1. You are your own hero

The fairy tales of our childhood spoke of dashing princes, heroes and heroines that were coming to slay dragons and give us a happily ever after. While this made for an amazingly entertaining read, did it really portray an accurate representation of reality? You are the hero of your own life. As much as you may be reeling from the pace of your existence or the things that you need to get done, you are in the driver’s seat of your life and this means that you need to make the decisions that will drive your life forward.

2. The clock is always ticking

As we get older we become acutely aware of the fact that Father Time is forever ticking forward. Our youthful resolutions get shelved as we consider the practicalities of putting food on the table and a roof over our heads. Somewhere along the line, we aware that we need to study part-time to increase our earning potential. We might even realise that we need to find out how to become an entrepreneur, but the question is; ‘Why do we let the time slip away?’ It is time to break out of that comfort zone if you still have dreams that keep you up at night.

3. You learn by doing

If you are always staying rooted to one spot there is no way that you can progress. By taking decisions and actions to match that, you will find that at the very least you will produce results. From those results you will be able to measure how successful your actions have been. The real bonus is that you will learn along the way and gain invaluable insights that will help strengthen your knowledge base. You will grow both in knowledge and as a person.

4. Action builds experience and keeps the engines moving

Many now successful entrepreneurs say that by embracing their failures, they’ve gained just as much experience as from the moment that they’ve been successful. When you have the courage to take action, you move in the name of progress. Even if you fail or fall down, you will gain invaluable experience which at the end of the day keeps the engines of progress moving. Read more about how entrepreneurs stay motivated.

5. You discover new resources and information

By taking a step forward, you will find that the new pathways of information will emerge. Along with your path of discovery of new people; new resources and new avenues will open up in ways that you would have never before anticipated. As you learn more about the subject or the field that you are trying to impact on, your mind and perspective will shift, you will begin to ask the right questions that will lead you along your path. The greater your hunger for knowledge, the more intensive your action will be. Especially in this information era that we live in, it helps to embrace digital literacy, the importance of computer literacy cannot be overemphasised.

6. Action generates Confidence

The more you practice at taking decisions confidently the greater your confidence levels become. You will have to take action in order to discover how to boost your confidence. Your action takes you on a journey that will lead you further into the authenticity of who you are. Once your knowledge and experience become second-nature you will find that you won’t second-guess yourself.

How to take action in your life?

  • Get quiet- Get away from the noise of the crowd, get quiet and take decisions that are not beset with distraction.
  • You either do, or you don’t- There may be any number of variables in terms of the results of your actions, but the point remains, you will need to participate or step back.
    Keep your goals in mind, but don’t be controlled by them- Sometimes the fear of a thing that we want actually holds us back. Avoid being too hung up and precious about your goals. Work for your goals, but do not become a slave to them.
  • Go with the flow- What has this got to do with taking action? Everything! It may sound counter-intuitive to go with the flow when taking action, but in all honesty if you are not adaptable and resilient, you will resist change and get hung up on how something should be.
  • Step back from toxic people- It is important to seek the counsel of trusted friends and individuals. However there should always be a limit. Learn how to get rid of toxic people, filter those friends and influences who sneer at your dreams and stop you from taking healthy action.

If you are looking for ways in which to become better at taking action, you can acquire these habits by looking at the lives of leaders, what drives them and what fuels their purpose.

How great leaders inspire action
By Simon Sinek

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By Laeeka Khan

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