6 skills every supply chain manager should have

To help our students succeed in the labour market, we at Oxbridge Academy decided to analyse a cross-section of supply chain-related job advertisements to find out what exactly employers are looking for in a supply chain manager.

What we found was that most employers are looking for the following 6 skills in their prospective supply chain managers:

1. 68% of all jobs required: Communication skills
The most important skills in this profession – according to employers – seem to be communication skills. These include both written and oral communication skills, as well as good interpersonal skills.
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2. 64% of all jobs required: Computer skills
Computer skills are the second most in-demand skill in supply chain management. The required skills range from simple computer literacy to a working knowledge of industry-specific software. Most job advertisements, however, listed MS Excel skills as a minimum requirement.
Proficiency in the following software packages is often listed as “advantageous” by employers:
AX Dynamix
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3. 40% of all jobs required: Analytical skills
Strong analytical skills, along with strong numerical and conceptual thinking skills, are essential in this profession.
One employer gives an example of why these skills are important: “[you need to] contribute to the budget construction by validating the Supply Chain assumptions, the production plan, component needs and stocks hypothesis.” (Source: Skills Portal)

4. 36% of all jobs required: Planning skills
Planning and scheduling skills are crucial. These skills will come in handy during your day-to-day duties (described in many of the job advertisements), as you will be responsible for co-ordinating all supply chain activities for your employer. Find out more about taking an online course in: Managing Multiple Projects

5. 36% of all jobs required: Negotiating skills
You will need negotiating and influencing skills, as you will be working with retailers, suppliers, and vendors to procure the best products at the best prices for your employers.

6. 32% of all jobs required: Problem solving skills
In supply chain management, things can easily go wrong. A shipment can be late, a tracking number can get lost, a wrong delivery can arrive, or product specifications could’ve been misinterpreted. It is your duty to resolve these and other problems that might arise. Thus, over a third of employers place a big emphasis on “strong” problem solving skills.

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Other skills that employers look for when hiring supply chain management professionals
In the job advertisements we analysed, employers also listed the following skills requirements:

  • Customer service skills
  • Networking skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Creativity

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