6 Ways to boost your creativity

Creativity is more than a natural ability, it is a way of thinking and behaving each day.

Like most things in life creativity can be developed and maximized if you follow a few simple principles.

In the video '6 Steps To Increase Your Creativity In Everyday Life' we look at these principles in greater detail.

Embrace your individuality

Allow yourself to be different even if it isn't immediately accepted.

For many, the idea of being different is a scary one because of the need to fit in. But the path to creativity begins by exploring new ideas that others may reject and even criticize at first.

Regardless of the response, continue to ask questions and share your thoughts.

Practice creativity

“Creativity is not simply innate.”

Even the best artists, musicians and writers have to work at their craft and come up with new ideas everyday.

You can do this be devoting some time to creativity each day. Or you can develop your creativity by playing an instrument or writing short stories if that is your calling.

“Creative ideas only come during creative work, so get working.”

Be Curious

“Look up anything you don't know.” You can grow your creativity by reading, learning a new skill or speaking to people.

The more you know the more you increase your capacity for creative ideas and connections to form in your mind.