7 Apps to boost your study time

Most students have reached the midway mark of their end-of-year exams. If this is you there is still time to improve your study regime and ace your finals with these top study apps.

Successful subject revision has a lot to do with general time management, what you do and when you do it can significantly impact your results.

In the video '7 Apps for studying and time management' we look at apps that will help you better manage your time in order to get the most out of your revision.

Here are the 7 must-have apps, for android phones, that can help students during exams and throughout their academic career:

1. Memorigi

“It's a really easy to use time management app where you can log in all of your tasks for the day, week or month.” Because you can use a colour code to plot your assignments this app is able to create a comprehensive overview of your schedule and workload. It has multiple features, and allows you to set an alarm as a reminder. “Other similar apps to consider are google calendar and evernote.”

2. Duolingo

Are you learning a language? “Duolingo is an app that lets you learn languages through an array of mini-games and exercises...” These are short exercises that can be done without speaking or listening which makes it perfect for quiet spaces or idle moments. The games cover every aspect of language including vocabulary and grammar. It also gives you the option to focus on your weakest areas in order to increase your fluency.

3. Forest

This is not your typical study tool. Rather it focuses on minimizing distractions and prompting you to complete your tasks. So how does it work? 'For each block of time you spend studying you plant a virtual tree”. The idea is to focus on that particular task while your tree grows. Once the tree is complete you will have created a visual measure of your productivity. This can be very rewarding and help to motivate you during breaks.

4. Habits

This app is useful for reminding you of the small daily tasks that are necessary to maintaining your well-being. Whether it is drinking a glass of water, taking medication or taking a short walk, this is a great way to monitor your behaviour and form positive habits.

5. Save My Time

How do you spend your days? This app helps you to understand how you spend your time and prompts you to re-organise your schedule. You start by entering your most basic activities such as, eating, sleeping, travelling or studying and the programme helps you pinpoint where you have been wasting time in order to take control of your life.

6. Quizlet

Are you tired of making flashcards? Save time and paper by using this digital tool. It allows you to create flashcards quickly and store different sets which makes it easy to retrieve and organise information. One of the features is that it can read the cards out loud as if you were being tested by a teacher. It also allows you to export content to your computer or share it with friends. This is the perfect app for “when you need to study but only have your phone around.”

7. Timetable (widget)

If you have trouble keeping track of classes or exam times you can place your school timetable in this app. Having this timetable on your home screen as opposed to floating around in your bag makes life convenient. During the school year this is especially useful as it allows you to insert every detail relating to your class including, subject, duration and location.

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By Cindy Payle - Portal Publishing