Absa Says Data Leak Does Not Affect All Clients


Absa has been trying to recover after an employee recently leaked client data to third parties. Some customers have been concerned, but Absa has called for calm as no customer pin codes or passwords have been compromised. 

According to Absa, the leak is limited to a small fraction (200 000) of Absa's retail base in South Africa. 

"We want to offer our apologies to our customers for this incident. It goes completely against the culture of our organisation and we hold the integrity of customers' data with the utmost care," said Sandro Bucchianeri, Absa Chief Security Risk Officer. 

Despite the data leak, Absa is confident that its system was not compromised. Bucchianeri said the employee, a credit analyst at Absa sold names and personal details of clients. 

The employee has been suspended and more action will be taken once the investigation is over. 

“Absa has brought criminal charges against the employee, and internally the requisite consequence management has been undertaken. Absa may take further action in relation to the recipients of the data once the full scope of the leak is identified and all investigations are completed,” said Absa in a statement.

Absa has put some measures in place to protect customers who have been affected by the leak. 
Bucchianeri said all accounts of affected clients are being closely monitored through the bank's fraud prevention mechanisms. 
"We have informed our customers of this leak and we're also providing awareness advice to our customers on how they can safeguard their accounts."
Customers affected by the leak have been advised to review their bank statements for any suspicious transactions. 
The Absa fraudline is available to customers who want to report suspicious or fraudulent activities. 
Contact the Absa Fraud hotline: 0860 557 557 or email: [email protected] 

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