Is admin the right career for me?


Entering the office environment as an administrative clerk can be one of the first steps to a successful business career. If you are considering heading into this environment, we will explain how a Public Administration Course can help you with this career.

What is the role of an administrative clerk?

Let's first look at the role and what would be expected of you if you took on the position.Depending on the field you are working in, you may have some unique tasks to complete , but there are a number of general functions that would be expected of the administrative clerk.

Often they will be given information and paperwork regarding clients, suppliers, product and services, and they are expected to process them quickly and accurately. This includes typing, proofreading, sending out communications and distributing internal information or packages.

You could also be tasked with handling research to provide answers to staff and clients, while general reception duties could also fall under your watch - including handling the switchboard and delegating emails.

Working as an administrative clerk provides a strong understanding of the workflow in a business and who is responsible for what. This is why it serves as an excellent starting point and is best suited to individuals who are highly organised and able to work effectively under pressure.

How to become an administrative clerk

The Public Administration Course available at IQ Academy will properly prepare you for the workplace. This course will allow you to understand and apply public sector principles, policies and ethics, as well as understand administrative principles.

You will also gain insight into the organisational structure of a Public Sector Department, understand the application of sound communication principles and learn about good customer services.

Not only will this course prepare you for the role of an administrative clerk, it will also allow you to pursue positions as a manager, finance clerk, admin support and other clerical positions.

If this is a career you are interested in, be sure to talk to a consultant at IQ Academy about how their Public Administration Course can benefit you