The advantages of online learning

Will I be able to adapt to an e-learning system? Does online leaning provide the same value as traditional courses? If you have ever asked these questions now is the time to find the answers.

“With more home offices, more flexitime and a busier work day, employees need to be able to take part in training when and where it suits them,” says Rachel Johnson from Palomino Training Solutions. “Online learning also fills the gap where employees are unable to attend public courses and come from small companies.”

There are many advantages to signing up for an online course. The cost is much lower than a presented course, which means you could complete more courses. You are able to complete the courses at your own pace and in the comfort of your office or home. Online courses also look great on your CV.

“Our online learning can be done anywhere and at any time – as long as you have an internet connection,” says Johnson. “Working at your own pace, it allows you to fully understand what is being covered by using your own experience as a basis. We also offer full support throughout the process.”

Palomino Training Solutions, which was established in 2006, offers various courses ranging from telephone etiquette, public speaking and business writing to conflict resolution, recruitment & selection and supervisory skills.

Each online course costs R199 ex vat and you can register online. If you have never done online learning, now is your chance to try it out and see the benefits for yourself.

“Our aim is for delegates to feel empowered and motivated after completing our online courses,” says Johnson.

For more information, contact Rachel Johnson on 082-878-1164, email [email protected] or visit