ADvTECH Rolls Out Anonymous Complaint Reporting App

In a first for South Africa, the country’s largest private education provider, ADvTECH, is rolling out the FaceUp app across the entire company and in all its schools.

FaceUp is an anonymous anti-discrimination app, which allows users to report anything they feel uncomfortable or unsafe raising in person, including bullying, racism, sexual harassment, mental health issues or health and safety concerns. Reports go directly to “Allies” tasked with investigating and resolving matters.

An Ally is a person that works actively with complainants to support them, while demonstrating key organisational values of respect, diversity and inclusion.​

“Although we have long had robust complaint mechanisms in place, we have recognised that these measures could be bolstered by adding a component that allows for anonymous reporting, particularly when dealing with sensitive topics,” says Vanessa Crawford, ADvTECH Group HR executive.

“After the events of last year, it is clear that this is a step in the right direction, to support the mental and emotional wellbeing of all employees and school students.”

All of ADvTECH’s 7 580 staff members, teachers, lecturers and students between Grades 4 and 12 at its 96 schools throughout South Africa have access to the app, says Crawford.

Cayley Jorgensen, a registered counsellor and Director of FaceUp South Africa, says that through the partnership with The ADvTECH Group, FaceUp will help empower staff and students to take control of their psychological, emotional and mental wellbeing by speaking up about any concerns.

“It is fantastic to see ADvTECH choosing to put their employees and students first by focusing on the trust and culture within the organisation. By implementing FaceUp, ADvTECH is showing their employees that they can speak up and that their opinions matter.

“Our goal is to get FaceUp into as many companies and organisations as possible, to help them identify problems and risks, respond effectively and get the right help to the people who need it. We are very excited to partner with the ADvTECH Group, because that means we are one step closer in achieving our goal of giving everyone a voice.”

For more information about FaceUp, visit .

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