Am I employable?

The working world has evolved and young people need to adapt to the changes if they hope to find employment in the 21st century.

In order to get the right job you need to have the right skills. In the video “4 Skills & 4 Steps to a Successful Career”, we look at employer expectations to learn how to develop the skills and abilities that are truly needed in the workplace.

Here are the four major skill sets that professionals must master to become an asset to any organisation:

Academic skills
This is an obvious element of personal development. It is important to learn as much as you can about the field or profession you are planning to pursue. “Challenge yourself to learn how to apply the knowledge you are taught”. While it may not be the only area that employers look at, an academic qualification is one of the primary indicators of your competency.

Technical skills
These are practical skills that are specific to the job or industry that interests you. “Technical skills are part of the new currency in today's world”. These skills complement an academic degree and increase your employability. “Occupations in every industry now require a combination of academic knowledge and technical skills.” It is not enough to have one without the other any more.

Life skills
These skills are important to employer's as it shows your ability to deal with an unexpected crisis as well as the day-to-day issues that arise. Life skills include things like managing a family budget or living a healthy lifestyle. “Life skills will give you a strong foundation for your future.”

Employability skills
According to research people who get the best jobs and keep them have this set of skills. Meeting deadlines, working in teams and organising projects are some of the skills that fall into this category. If you cannot afford a higher education you can make yourself more employable by investing in this skill set.

Growing in these four areas takes time and sacrifice. Don't expect it to happen overnight. As you learn and develop your skills “...always be true to who you are, strive to fulfill your full potential and bring passion to whatever you do.”

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