ANC Under Fire For Not Paying UIF

ANC accused of not paying UIF

The African National Congress (ANC) is being accused by members of its staff of deducting money for Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) from their salaries but not paying these contributions to the fund. This has been made worse by some ANC staff not being paid salaries for the past 3 months which has resulted in staffers picketing around the country.

Mandla Qwane, Staffers Representative Committee Spokesperson for the ANC said that nothing has yet been done by the ANC to resolve the issues.

Qwane says, “We feel that the tone has changed. we are at a point where we feel we are angry, at a point where we feel that we are being disrespected. We are being ignored, we are not being considered and that is why we decided that we are coming back from with another picket so that we say 'do not forget that we met here' we said to you meet our demands, you promised”.

He says that workers were promised that the issues will be resolved within 3 months but the ANC has not even provided them with an update of the progress being made to resolve the issue. Qwane announced that their concerns will be addressed in a meeting with the national officials today.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) announced that they will be laying a criminal complaint against the ANC with regard to the non-payment to the UIF today.

DA MP, Micheal Cardo says that the ANC is in breach of the tax administration act and the unemployment insurance contributions act.

He explains, “both of these pieces of legislation that UIF contributions deductions and employees tax that's what's colloquially referred to as PAYE (pay as you earn) needs to be paid over to sars within a specified period and if the complaints made by ANC staffers are to be believed, and there's no reason to doubt the ANC hasn't been paying over these contributions for many years and that would put them in breach of the law it would make them culpable of a criminal offence”.




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